Van Buren Police Department Investigating Four Burglaries

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The Van Buren Police Department is investigating four residential burglaries that have taken place over the last three weeks, according to Lt. Brent Grill with the Van Buren Police Department.

"He had the dead bolt locked. They said that they had pried a tool into his door and popped open his door," said Brandon McEntire, the neighbor of a resident whose home was broken into.

McEntire said having someone's home broken into just two doors down doesn't make him feel too comfortable.

All the locations have been duplex or townhouse rental properties, and evidence collected at the crime scenes has lead investigators to believe they were all committed by the same suspect(s).

The burglaries have also occurred during the day or early evening hours.

Locations include:

  • 1700 block of Skypoint Bend Apt.   2/27/14
  • 2800 block of Laura Ln. Apt.   3/10/14
  • 300 block of Topaz Way   3/2/14
  • 2100 block of Beacon Ridge Way  Apt.   3/10/14

Property taken includes, "electronic items, such as computers, video gaming equipment, clothing and some furniture items," a news release from Grill states."

According to Jonathan Wear with the Van Burn police department, the River View Condominiums have had two resident's homes broken into. Management said they have security on site and will be installing all new cameras in every building.

Wear said so far they have no suspects in custody.

Anyone with information on the suspects or crimes is encouraged to call the Van Buren Police Department at 479-474-1234. People may also contact the River Valley Crimestoppers at 479-78-CRIME.


  • happy happy happy

    People who commit these crimes have no fear of being caught. Even when they are caught, nothing is done to them…..example….read the report on the Crawford County jail releasing all those people committing felonies….burglary is a felon. Again this is another report using a “scare tactic” to get a new county jail….Another example of bullying and blackmail. Vote NO for the new jail tax, there are other alternatives rather than building a new jail.

  • A volunteer

    A new detention center will probably also include hidden and no mentioned things such as a new sheriff office & equipment, additional staffing, vehicles, and all the perks and ammenities for the inmates such as tv, exercise equipment, and more. Then the political fight will start about who will run the jail.

  • Fed up

    since you seem to know so much about it just what are the other alternatives to keep the trashy criminals off the streets

  • JD

    So, “happy”, you are saying that these burglaries have been committed as a “scare tactic” in order to convince the public to vote yes on a new jail……hmmmmm. And you’d like us all to know that burglary is a felony. Well, I feel so much better today knowing you’re hot on the case! They should fire all the investigators and hire just you! lol And then we could hire “volunteer” to run the jail to make sure there won’t be any “political fighting” what with all the parties and fun and such happening in the new jail and all.

  • atc8824

    Every road that is listed is near I-40 sounds to me like somebody walking or traveling on I-40.They better be careful around here or there might be another self defense story on the news.

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