Semi On Fire Stalls Traffic On Interstate 40

i40 wreck

One eastbound lane on I-40 was closed near Mulberry after a semi truck’s brakes caught fire on the interstate.

Authorities said the truck was carrying paper towels and toilet paper when it went up in flames near mile marker 29 around 5 a.m. Monday (March 17). Crews worked for several hours to remove the cargo from the truck to stop fueling the fire.

Firefighters from Pleasant View, Mulberry, and Watalula battled the flames for more than two hours.

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  • john

    Could of been a brake, or wheel bearing over heating.

    Might of been brake light wires going back to the back bumper area over heating due to a short.

    It is hard to say, but at least no one got killed or hurt yet.

    Vary smart trucker. He pulled over as far as he could and in hooked the tractor.

    At least the grass is wet, otherwise the fire would have raced up the hill side.

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