Police: Van Buren Man Arrested For Asking Bank Teller To Spank Him

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The Van Buren Police Department arrested Drake Parks, 50, of Van Buren Thursday for harassing communications, according to a news release from Detective Jonathan Wear, Public Information Officer for the Van Buren Police Department. 

Parks was arrested due to complains filed against him for inappropriate comments to a local bank teller, according to the news release. 

Authorities received a report on Feb. 28 from the teller reporting the inappropriate comments. 

The victim, a young woman, stated that Parks had come into the bank on that day and made a transaction. She then received a call at approximately 3:30 p.m. The caller stated that he was “Drake Park’s father” and that Drake had said the teller was being a [expletive] that day. 

The caller went on to say that Drake should be punished for saying that and there would be $50 in her pocket if she would “punish” Drake.

The teller then stated that Drake got on the phone and said that he wanted her to do what his father told her to. He started to give her an address when she hung up and contacted the police, according to the news release. 

Parks was arrested on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest for Harassing Communications. He was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center. 


  • L Tucker

    Really? If I called every time someone had been inappropriate or whatever then the police would be called almost every day. I am a cashier at a retail store so I have a lot of interaction with the public. Now if it had continued then I definitely see the point but after the first time? I give the teller credit for sending a message though.

    • atc8824

      I work with the public also and I take a cussing sometime’s and it not even be my fault.I think the lady should have blew it off this time but if he kept calling then get him for harassment.Hope he didn’t threaten his father to make him call this woman.Way to many middle age men beating their parents.

  • Mark Smith

    I don’t care who u are, that reads funny! Almost as good as the headline of couple arrested for still after argument over porn which is the height of the backwardness of Arkansas – 48th in the country in Education. Crack a book!

  • atc8824

    All I can say is wow really?They can’t be from Van Buren gotta be from Kibler which is considered Van Buren.He’s 50 years old and has Daddy call for him sure he isn’t 5 years old?

  • Arkajun

    Police have enough to do already. What a big waste of time and manpower.
    Bank teller need to be charged with harassing communications with the police.
    This little prank could very easily escalate.

  • mary

    For those that are laughing, this guy exposed himself to my teenage daughter 10 years ago plus the phone harrassment. He has a a disturbing history.

    • Happy, happy, happy

      Throw out some more dopers in the CC jail, and throw this guy in….someone will spank him for FREE….

  • Hope Johnson

    I’m so glad he was caught! He called my Aunt, who had put flyers out because she lost her bird. He told her that his son had killed her bird and buried it, and wanted to know if he should give him spankings; and then proceeded to ask her to come over and spank him herself. Seriously messed up my aunt’s head.

    • Pango-Tango

      then your aunt is a re-tard….. if that is going to mess her up she is long gone. I am not saying the guy doesnt have issues but for that to mess up your aunt… I am sure she filed a claim for disability for free money

  • Polly Vincent

    If you think this is not serious, I urge you to check into the backgrounds of some of the serial killers that have plagued America. Individuals who are capable of this cruelty, are likely to do even more horrible acts. It is a pattern of getting a thrill out of causing others pain and suffering.

  • Reverend General T. Kutz

    If Mr. Parks can get a decent spanking – not a cut-rate perfunctory spanking that doesn’t even leave psychic scar tissue, but a genuine high-weltered mess of blood, sweat, toilets and tears – in God forsaken Van Buren, or Lincoln, or even the devil’s playground, Washington, city or state, for fifty bucks or less, then my old aunt’s definitely got the right idea concentrating on making random superficially impressive amounts of cash for staying home and surfing the Internet, paid each and every month like clockwork, no matter what all she says.

  • Sam Williams

    Ugh! Seriously? Don’t the police have better things to do than track down a low-level dweeb who’s too cowardly to say such things in person? It seems that women who report trivial stuff like this just want attention for themselves. Drama!

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