Sebastian County Parents Meet After Gun Threat At High School

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Hartford High School administrators took days to report a gun threat at a Sebastian County high school. Now at least one local parent said she is considering pulling her son out of the school.

Hartford parents met with school officials Thursday night to discuss the gun threat that led to the arrest of a Hartford High School student. Danielle Woodard is a local mom.

"My kids are at risk," said Woodard.

Woodard said she is debating on pulling her son out of the high school after a gun threat was allegedly made Friday by a student.

A Sebastian County Sheriff's Office report states a student was overheard late last week telling classmates that if there were no rules, he would shoot everyone. A teacher reported the threat to the school’s principal. The principal did not report it to the Sheriff’s Office, so the teacher took matters into her own hands, according to the Sheriff's Office report.

Deputies arrived at the school on Monday to investigate. The 16 year old was arrested the next day. His name is not being released by the Sheriff's Office.

"We are going to get together and have a series of meetings,” said Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck. “Some educational meetings with the staff, with the administrators and with the students."

Hollenbeck said the meetings aiming to improve school safety are set to start soon.

"Our ultimate goal, of course, is the safety of the children," Hollenbeck said. "And I honestly believe it's the same thing with the superintendent."

School administrators would not comment on the student due to his age. They also would not discuss any disciplinary actions against the faculty.

The teenager who allegedly made the threats was arrested on suspicion of terroristic threatening, which is a felony.


  • Mark Smith

    Zero tolerance policies = hysterical reactivism that abandons common sense. This gem of critical thinking (not!) Was brought to us by the people teaching our children. This is yet another pitfall of Political Correctness which has eroded the greatness of western civilization. Wake up people and lets get back to values based thinking originating in a belief in God as opposed to “the individual” which so many now worship in his place.

  • Lucy

    Um, terroristic threatening is against the law in Arkansas and pretty much every other state. While I agree zero tolerance policies are “hysterical reactivism”, the kid broke the law. And shame on the school for not reporting it. If anyone had gotten hurt, you would be one of the ones posting that teachers should be carrying (which I agree the should). Pick a side to be on.

    • Kovach

      Lucy – A terroristic threat is defined as a declaration of intent to commit a crime of violence against another with the intent of threatening a person, building, facility, or public or private habitat.

      Do you know the facts of the “issue at hand” or what 5news has reported?

  • A parent

    If is a word that defines how the law works making this threat invalid. Yes there have been a lot of school violence but it always takes two, perhaps the laws of bulling should be better enforced or maybe our children should be watched more closely while at school.

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