Martha Shoffner Seeks Acquittal On Federal Charges

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Photo courtesy of Arkansas Business.

Arkansas Business – Lawyers for former Arkansas treasurer Martha Shoffner have asked a federal judge to acquit her on bribery and extortion charges, saying prosecutors didn’t prove the case against her.

In a court filing Friday, Shoffner’s lawyers said no government witness offered proof that interstate commerce was impacted “by robbery or extortion” and that no money changed hands in return for “official acts” by Shoffner.

The lawyers also say there is no evidence the federal government had any interest in Shoffner’s conduct nor any interest in the activities of the state treasury department.

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  • Elaphas

    If this POS was a Repulbican, the “journalist” who wrote this article would have that plastered all over the story. But, no, she is a democRAT which is the equivalent of a criminal cockroach.

  • Mark Smith

    Only 2. Comments? Wow. Punishment to fit the crime which was curruption. If we cannot defend our institutional processes then we are in trouble. Send a message judge for the good of the state.

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