Man Killed In Train Accident In Johnson County

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A man is dead after a train accident in Johnson County, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

The identity of the victim is not yet known. A report from the Sheriff’s Office said the man is believed to be between 45-55 years old.

The report states the man was hit by a westbound Union Pacific train engine on a trestle west of Spadra Park. The man was thrown from the trestle into the Arkansas River backwater. Eyewitnesses called 911 and stayed in the area to direct first responders.

The Johnson County Dive Team was called and after a short search located the body in 13 feet of water.

The body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for an autopsy and to determine identification.

Stay tuned to 5NEWS for more information on this story as it develops.


  • bobreal

    It is easier for a person on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, in a car or truck; to stop than it is for a train to stop…

  • Ashley

    Weather he was supposed to be there or not, it was still a life lost. Still a tragic accident. Still a loved one to somone out there somewhere. An will never be seen held, or hugged again. Have a little respect. If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself. Prayers to the family and those involved during this unfortunate accident!

    • Mark Smith

      Ashley, what r u talking about? The comments made were about very real and good advice well known for trains. With what r u taking exception?

      • Susan G

        I don’t think anyone was saying it was bad advice. Just MAYBE some people need to be more sensitive to a tragedy. If this person felt there was no way out, there is no reason to be hateful or hurtful. That only hurts that persons loved ones all the more.
        Being from Johnson Co. I am praying for the family, as they try to understand what happened. There will most likely always be a wound there, no matter the circumstance of the death.

  • db

    i was not being disrespectful or insensitive at all. it seemed that bobreal thought this was at a crossing which it was not. i am from the are and know exactly where it happened. it is a sad situation whether it was pure accident or intentional as it sounds it may have been. what is disrespectful and insensitive is posting on here trying to make something out of nothing

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