UA Board Votes To Bar Faculty From Carrying Guns On Campus

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The University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees voted Friday (March 21) to prohibit faculty and staff from carrying concealed handguns on all UA campuses.

The board had previously voted in 2013 to ban faculty and staff from carrying guns on campus. The president of the university system was expected to propose a continuance of the ban for the upcoming year.

"The president heard from our chancellors and from public safety officers and faculty across the system, and they all recommended that that policy stay in place," said Ben Beaumont, director of communications for UA system.

A state law was passed in 2013 allowing university and college governing boards across the state to decide whether to opt out of the new law allowing employees with concealed carry permits to carry guns onto campus. Current UA policy allows only campus police officers to carry guns on campus.

Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville, introduced legislation in 2013 requiring university boards to opt out of the law annually. If the board fails to opt out, university faculty and staff with permits are allowed, by law, to carry concealed handguns on school property.

Following the vote, Beaumont said, "There was no discussion other than the president's recommendation."


  • Joe Delaney

    Idiotic. Apparently these people have failed to notice that all of these mass shootings happen in ‘gun free’ zones. All they’ve done is make the rule abiding students and faculty more vulnerable and the potential shooter’s life easier. Certainly they don’t think a shooter will abide by this new rule do they? Nope, only the victims will. What right do they have to prevent people from defending themselves? Very dumb

  • Casey Dane

    If these people will not take responsibility for their personal safety, no one else will. Some people believe the police are in some way responsible for their safety…. legally, they are NOT.

    Let us hope they, at least, take their children’s personal safety a little more seriously.
    Any slow-learner who knowingly walks into a “Gun-Free-Killing-Zone”, will get no sympathy from me.

  • Monroe Parsons (@oldkat69)

    The real message here is that the board of trustees does not trust the faculty and staff. If they are not responsible enough to have conceal and carry I don’t think they should be teaching college level courses. As an adult college student (I also have children in college) seeking a masters degree in my work area I expect high quality and judgment from my instructors.

    I can only wonder how many lives could have been saved at Va. Tech. if a professor had been armed? Dr. Liviu Librescu fought the killer at the door to his class room. The 68 year old Holocaust survivor gave his life to protect his students. The killer moved on and killed others.

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