Van Buren Woman Embezzled $113,000 From Business, Police Say

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Tabatha Bowen was arrested on Friday after police say she embezzled $113,000 from a Van Buren business.

The victim reported the theft in February after reviewing bank statements and seeing that money was missing from the business’s account, said Det. Jonathan Wear with Van Buren police.

After looking into the bank records, investigators were able to determine that Bowen had been embezzling from the business since April 2011, Wear said.

Bowen was writing checks to herself from the business account, according to police. She was arrested on suspicion of 122 counts of 2nd degree felony forgery and felony theft of property.

Bowen was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond.


    • joesumone

      Your statement should read as follows: “Someone needs to “learn” you how to use English properly.”

      All I am doing is using the English language as I have learned it through routine interactions with the general public.

      • Realist!!

        Actually, it should read”Someone needs to “teach” you how to use the English Language properly.Who am I to Judge though,lol.

  • Kevin

    Hmmm, is this woman not related to Danny Armstrong the former Cedarville major whom resigned in 2011 and in 2012 pleaded guilty to misappropriating FEMA funds. hmmm interesting timeline. Tabatha Armstrong Bowen if I’m not mistaken. Armstrong’s actions resulted in a total loss to the city of Cedarville in the amount of $10,182.70. Seems the apple doesn’t fall far.

  • R71

    Neither 5News nor the Times Record even bothered to spend 30 seconds on Google to identify the business of the alleged theft. Lazy.

    It would be nice if there was at least an effort to add valid informtation to the press releases they’re given. It’s not even that hard half the time. You just have to be willing to not settle for being spoon fed your stories.

    • Ft Smith

      Most businesses do not want to be identified when this happens. This happens quite often and most times no charges are filed to save the company the embarrassment. I know for a fact one of the large companies in this area had the same thing happen and they were so embarrassed they didn’t file charges. Another small company did file charges and the women had been stealing for probably 20 years. They went back 10 years in their records and finally quit searching. Any company should require two signatures on a check or have someone review each and every check before it is mailed.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Karma is a mean mean Mother. Pay back for incident that occurred in 2004????? Perhaps…….

  • cmntr

    not all cases like this get in the news. I worked somewhere that this happened and they hid it from the media out of embarrassment. SMH

  • Larry Hooper

    Just to throw out a REAL WINNER
    This guy still is on the District 4 Fire Department doing computers
    This is only the tip of the iceberg on this guy. Check out the many charges against him and his buddy. Why didn’t this make the news? And his was perpetrated at the county courthouse and with fire department computers. Way to go 5news.

    NWA Men Charged With Running Email Hacking Business
    by Gwen Moritz
    2 months ago
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    Federal prosecutors in California last week charged two northwest Arkansas men with selling email passwords through a website called

    Mark Anthony Townsend, 45, whose residences were listed as Cedarville (Crawford County) and Rogers, and Joshua Alan Tabor, 25, of Prairie Grove (Washington County), were named in separate but similar informations filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. Unlike an indictment issued by a grand jury, an information is a criminal charge filed directly by prosecutors.

    A news release issued by the FBI said Townsend and Tabor, as well as three customers of other, similar websites, are “expected to plead guilty in the coming weeks.” The customers were from California, Michigan and New York.

    Townsend is accused of establishing and Tabor of assisting in its operation. According to the information filed against Tabor, the website “was in the business of obtaining passwords of victim email account submitted by a customer.” Customers paid for unauthorized passwords through a Paypal account, and the charge against Townsend said provided unauthorized passwords for more than 5,900 email addresses for various customers.

    It’s not clear exactly when was operational, but Townsend is specifically accused of selling the password to the Yahoo email account of someone identified only as “J.F.” on May 13 of last year, while Tabor allegedly sold the password to “C.P.’s” Google mail account in July 2011.

    No phone numbers could be located for Townsend or Tabor. No defense attorneys for Townsend or Tabor are listed in the federal records.

  • lamonster28

    Her husband is a crook as well wonder what is part was in this,cops better get him before he runs

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