Two Missing Crawford County Kids Found

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Two kids who were reported missing in Crawford County have been found.

11-year-old Stephen Isia Jackson and 12-year-old Lily Ana Kasprytzki went missing Friday (Mar. 21) night, according to Chief Jim Damante, Crawford County Sheriff’s Department.


  • CF

    Kristen, should the police start looking at your house for these children? or maybe lean on you since you sound like you might know where they are?

  • Happy, happy, happy

    The taxpayers are gonna have to pick up the bill for this mess too. Deputies have to be pulled off other jobs to take care of the “runaways”, when a little “watching your kids” could have prevented the situation.

    • LacyJ

      No parent can watch their children 24/7. They have toseep sometimes. Stuff happens, hopefully those perfect parents don’t have to find out the hard way that parents can’t prevent all bad things from happening to our children

  • Kelly

    I don’t know the families or what kind of situation these kids come from but you cannot put all the blame on the parents. I am a mother of 3 (2 grown & 1 still at home) and I know from experience you can not keep your eyes on your kids 100% of the time. You can talk to them, teach them and lead them and hope you hv done your best, but things can still happen that are out of a parents control. Pray these children are found safe.

  • M Sharum

    If they are runaways, there is a reason that they ran away; that needs to be looked into and the kids need to be found and then the authorities need to decide what kind of home they are living in. It is not for others to judge what goes on in someone elses home or lives unless they have seen it first hand. There again, they ran away for a reason, if indeed they are runaways. However, earlier in the week there was what was called an attempted abduction on Collum Lane in Alma, so maybe they are not runaways. I just hope the kids are safe and are found and then the authorities be called in to investigate the situation.

  • Dallas Renfroe

    This is my god son you are talking about- who comes from a loving home full of nothing but support.. Both children are loved very much an we are all very worried for the safe return of them- how about instead of criticizing you be proactive and get out here with the rest of us searching for these children! You sure wouldn’t want someone saying these horrible things abt you if it was your baby that left in the middle of the night AFTER everyone is asleep!! Until you know every single detail you shouldn’t shake your judging finger at any of these parents or family members- we are absolutely devestated right now! Prayers would be appreciated to find them safely.. And also prayers for you fools that have such harsh words to say about devestated families of these children! Shame on you!

    • Happy, happy, happy

      If you are having problems reading people’s “opinions” (not judgments) then STOP reading these posts.

    • Patti

      Praying your children return home safely. Kids today can have the best
      families and still pull a bone-headed stunt like this.

    • Patom

      Dallas Renfroe,

      I just found out that the children were found and I thank Our Dear Heavenly Father for watching over them!!! I also rejoice with the entire family!!! I can only imagine what they must have gone through :-(. As soon as we got the phone alert yesterday, my husband & I prayed as if they were our own (we have 3 children/8 grkids). I continued to pray until I found out that they were safe. To you other folks who judge or think that it’s easy being a parent, you either don’t have children or have an easy going compliant child/ren. It’s not only the way children are raised that makes them run away….some are strong willed (seems like from the time they are born), others are easy and you think you must be the best parent ever). This happened to me, then #3 arrived and oh my, I couldn’t have kept an eye on him every second …that boy was into everything. We had to put locks on doors so he wouldn’t hurt himself straying into our busy street in our new home (he would try to “escape at 2 yrs. old if I turned my back so my husband had to put extra locks on doors). He even pulled a stool over to our pantry and got to the top shelf where I kept his vitamins (where I thought they’d be safe from his reach). I said all that to say this, DON’T JUDGE!!! Some kids all you have to say is “no” to them and they don’t like it no matter their age….I have a 4 1/2 yr. old grand daughter who is like this and her mom is consistent and loving!

  • Kristen

    Exactly what Kelly said. You can’t keep your eyes on your kids 100% of the time. But sure let’s point fingers. It must be SOMEONE’S fault, doesn’t matter who’s.

  • Another Know It All

    Instead of exhausting your efforts to comment and make assumptions about this family, please exhaust your efforts as I have by sharing this with friends. I don’t know this family but the last thing they need right now is read hurtful unsupportive comments regarding their parenting. I always try to put myself in others shoes and if this were my child, I would want others spending there time praying, supporting, or spreading the news. I realize this a comment page but in circumstances such as this, I wish people would only comment to show support, awareness, or a prayer. Save your judging and per assumptions for the Nancy Grace comment page.

  • jenny

    are y’all all gonna just sit around and argue to each other? like for real! yal are acting like 10 year olds over this yea the kids ran away and no the parents don’t sit up all night watching their kids sleep because they probably have jobs that they have to tend to the next day to support these children! I don’t care who you are end of story grow up and stop arguing! this is ridiculous! oh btw the whole time y’all are all arguing on this website have y’all checked on ur kids? how irresponsible of yal to be wasting your time on the Internet and not paying attention to your children well for all you kno they are in the next town cuz y’all all have yalls heads stuck in the phone, computer, or wat ever Internet access you have so get off the Internet and stop judging people cuz u r in no position to judge cuz right now as u just read through this comment u neglected your child(ren)!!

    • atc8824

      Good post Jenny.Some of these people think they are perfect and if they cant come up with something good to say they attack you personally.

  • Alisa Terry

    I once ran away, when I was very young, because my mom wouldn’t let me have a cat (I had really bad asthma and was allergic so she had good reason). Sometimes little kids just do stupid things.

    • Happy, happy, happy

      Hope your punishment was severe enough that it made you think hard about not doing it again.

  • Amanda Burkholder

    My sister ran away frequently as a child. First time was during the middle of the night after everyone went to bed when she was like 12 years old. Scared me and my parents to death. The first time she ran away was because “the kids at school made fun of her”. Yes, we were both tormented as children but we are over that. Her and two community kids stole the boys moms car and was headed to MO to his uncles house but were caught on the other side of OKC in El Reno, OK. They took a wrong turn and went the wrong way.

    She thought that she knew everything at the time which we all think that we do at that age. You can not watch your children 100% while you are asleep. Kids run away for stupid things that are so minor to us adults but are major to a child. Hormones are out of whack, peer pressure is up,–kids do stupid things for stupid reasons. It is not always the parents fault either. Don’t put all of the blame on them when blame can be placed in several places.

  • e HUtchison

    what is wrong with you people ,two children are missing , stop putting blame concentrate on these kids ,it is a different day and time than when my children grew up u cant hide your kids in the house to protect them. there are evil people out there just waiting for a chance to hurt someone .
    so get a grip and think of the kids and stop with the blame game . if you have so much time that u can blame people and u really care get off your butts and go look for the kids . Praying for their safe return,

  • happy trails

    They found them today. Could use a more informative update like, where were they at? Did they run away or what? Is anyone in trouble with the law???

    • Bill Jones

      Yes it seems like alot of missing information. Even in the begining it just seems like oh two kids are missing.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Because I am a taxpayer, and involved in this whether I wanted to be or not, I do hope there are punishments for the children so they never try to repeat this when they get to be 15 and 16. Maybe some parenting classes would do some good also. There needs to be accountability.

    • Happy, happy, happy

      No Jenny I raised mine and they did not run away because I “watched” them until they were no longer minors, so you get off and raise yours.

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