United States Navy Band In Alma, Arkansas

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The United States Navy band is on its National tour, and Saturday (March 22) Alma got a chance to enjoy the show.

The Navy Band Sea Chanters' is the United States Navy's official chorus.

The Sea Chanters' performed at the Alma Performance Arts Center.

According to Musician First Class Michael Webb, most of the chorus concerts are in the nations capitol, but every spring they have a national tour.

This spring, the band made four stops in Arkansas; Little Rock, Searcy, Conway, and Alma.

"We get to perform for folks in parts of the country that don't normally see much of a nacy presence. We've had a great time so far; very good audience, and we've come to expect that Arkansas will deliver," said Webb.

Webb said the Navy had not been to Arkansas to perform in more than ten years.

All Navy band performances are free to the public.

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  • Arkajun

    I read the news on this website everyday and there one thing I can say about 5newsonline. They are very good a posting news AFTER the fact. Some of use would have enjoyed seeing/hearing the US Navy Band had we only known they were performing before they were done and gone.
    I’m not picking on Ch 5, just about all TV stations don’t promote upcoming events which in not serving the community.

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