Sheriff: Local Jail Deputy Arrested After Using Whiskey Bottle As Weapon

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A Sequoyah County, Okla., jailer was arrested Saturday in an assault case after allegedly using a whiskey bottle as a weapon, according to Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

The jailer was identified as Amy Minor. She worked at the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office since Oct. 16, 2013, according to a statement released Monday by the Sheriff's Office..

Minor was arrested by the Sallisaw Police Department, and the incident took place while Minor was off duty. Minor faces a felony charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The Sheriff's Office statement reads, "The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office strictly adheres to the principle that any employees in a law enforcement profession, whether it be a detention officer, deputy or police officer are expected to regard themselves as a member of an important an honored profession and should conduct themselves to the highest ethical standard of that profession."

Minor has been suspended without pay until the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office concludes its own internal investigation on Friday.


  • dm

    If you want to report on something like this then you need to report all the details. There were three people attacking Amy-she was defending herself.

    • melissa

      Um actually yer 100% wrong guy….the woman she hit is my fathers girlfriend and amy attacked her cause she was drunk nobody attacked her so get yer story correct before u try to speak on something u have no idea about

  • Shelbie

    Still a fight happened, and a weapon was used no matter what the weapon is, it is the same as a car, it was used to cause injury, she is no different than the person from Sebastian County, the jailer that got a DUI and had an accident, this female is no different than a person that is a civilian. WE all have to ABIDE by the LAW no matter what… she should be fired.. how can she work in a place that holds people like her that commits a crime. she could of caused serious injury, she could of avoided the confrontation. by not putting herself in the situation. who is to say, she wasnt the one that started it all, we dont know the story, but I bet she was more involved than what we hear..

  • Fred

    They need to look at the criminals embezzling $100,000’s of thousands of dollars at Roland or the crooks writing illegal tickets in Marble city and Moffett. She threw a bottle hey big whoop! There are criminal cops elsewhere getting away with much much worse.

  • Fred

    I still love the fact that she’s got her mug plastered up here nevertheless. I’ll take it as a step in the right direction.

  • Kara

    The lack of empathy is a HUGE factor in the fall of our society. I have no vested interest in this story and my only agenda is to plant a seed of compassion for people and awareness of the publics role in the media. There are multiple sides to a story and not all details are reported, facts from a police report yes but details and circumstances no. Every action has a reaction, this story is a reaction of the altercation, now there will be reactions from the story. Do we stop and ask ourselves does this person have children, how will it affect them seeing their Mother on TV or social media? My comment isn’t towards the role of the reporter, I have no idea what your job DETAILS require, therefor I wouldn’t argue the worthiness of this story. Please take no offense I willing admit I have no clue how to do your job. My comments are for the public. Today the public has the opportunity to respond publicly to news, so I ask myself, why make a bad situation worse? Why play a role in what could be the downfall of another person? What happened to the idea of ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all ” or ” put yourself in their shoes” …… I believe that what is bad for my neighbor is ultimately bad for me. Suffering can bring human growth or death depending on the DETAILS. Our society is in trouble, if you think I am wrong ask a teacher or go spend time in a school, we have a real problem on our hands. We as individuals can’t save our society but compassion & empathy from many individuals would make a difference.

    • mark

      well, yes, in a democratic caring society we must take into account what you say. but……..if there is no safety net or accountability for the rogue person intending harm on innocent others, then we are all barbarians. how do you tell the parent of a child slain by someone who slipped through the cracks that we need to be more compassionate & fuzzy wuzzy (& turn our heads) to those whose sole intent is to do harm? sorry, i don’t buy your compassion only line of thinking (btw i’m a retired teacher who’s served a few generation of students) we are all accountable by our actions.

      • Shelbie

        Mark, you are correct, the generation now, are out of control, kids are committing more crimes that adults do, from assault and battery to robbery, to theft, they can be arrested at the age of 10, but, what is really bad, is the kids younger than 10. that are doing wrong. a lot of this is taught my the parents. shame on them,

    • Shelbie

      Who cares if she has kids or family, other people of PUBLIC figure have families and of course children, and if they were arrested it is out for the public to see, no matter what she BROKE the LAW, she took ACTION when she got into a fight, and the REACTION is she was arrested, good for Mr. Lockhart for suspending her until further ACTION is taken

  • atc8824

    Where was the fight at a bar at the jail?If it was at the jail then what in this world is whiskey doing at a jail?If she was jumped in public because she is an officer then she had every right to defend herself.Not enough in the story to figure it all out.

  • Kara

    I never mentioned a head the only body part I addressed was a persons mouth and heart. I believe some of these comments validated my point. I never said anything about people not being held accountable for ones actions, in fact I was saying we will all be held accountable for our actions and lack of actions. As was commented look at our youth and the shape they are in, when the parents are causing these behaviors who is left to help but the general public.

      • Kara

        So your believe that ignorance and evil can be reduced if the general public make degrading comments about people that have done wrong ?

  • mark

    chill kara. the world needs people like you with a good heart. unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world where human nature, if unrestrained, can lead to harm for others. our culture here is one of the most humane in the world. let justice prevail as well as our compassion for the struggle of others. somewhere, we can find a way through it all. the jailer must deal with the consequences of her behavior no matter what led her there….that’s all i’m saying (btw i’m not mark smith)

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