Victims Identified In Sunday’s Goshen Wreck

Two people who were hospitalized in a wreck in Goshen on Sunday (March 23) have been identified.

Anjelica Morales of Springdale was flown to a hospital in Springfield, Mo., after the incident, while Cassie Yancey, also of Springdale, was taken to a local hospital, according to David Edwards, Goshen marshal.

Their conditions were unknown late Monday (March 24).

State Rep. Bob Ballinger and his son also were injured in the two-vehicle wreck on Arkansas 45, authorities said.

Ballinger, R-Hindsville, received a cut to one hand, and his son was taken by Central EMS to a Washington Regional Medical Center with a fractured jaw, officials said.

A medical helicopter arrived at the accident site about 10 a.m. on Sunday and took Morales to a hospital in Missouri, authorities said. Yancey was taken by Central EMS to a local hospital. Their names were not released on Sunday.

The accident happened when a Ford Focus driven by Morales made a left turn onto Arkansas 45 and pulled in front of a pickup driven by Ballinger, police said.

“I did meet the family of the passenger, and they told me she was doing well,” Ballinger said. “They were waiting to get all of the results from tests back, but the family thought she was going to be OK. I do not know the condition of the driver. I do know she was airlifted to Springfield.”

Ballinger said his 20-year-old son, Bobby, one of five people in that vehicle, underwent surgery at Washington Regional Medical Center for a fractured jaw. Three young children also were in the pickup, police said.

Ballinger said the doctors believe his son will make a full recovery.

“Bobby is a first responder, so he got out and went to work the accident right away before he realized he had busted his jaw,” he said. “After a little bit of adrenaline wore off he knew he was in bad shape.”

Ballinger said own injury required him to receive nine stitches in his right hand. He said the rest of his family suffered no serious injuries.

“I’ve got nine stitches and a beat up knee and hand,” he said.

Ballinger was cited for having an expired driver’s license. The driver of the Ford was cited for careless driving and having no driver’s license, officials said.


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