City Council Considers Stoplight at Don Tyson Intersection

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As construction continues on the Don Tyson Interchange, Springdale city leaders will consider a proposal to install a stoplight at one intersection.

The stoplight, which would be at the intersection of S. 40th St. and Don Tyson Parkway,  could cost up to $235, 000, according to director of engineering Alan Pugh.

According to City officials, the stoplight will help ease traffic brought on by the construction of a new exit on I-540. That exit will be built between exit 69 in Johnson and exit 72 in Springdale.

"It is a fairly high traffic area with the school there at that intersection very close," Pugh. "We have done some safety measures in the past for students that cross Don Tyson Parkway into the school there. It really is driven by pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic more than anything."

The money needed to pay for the stoplight will come from Springdale's 2012 bond program.



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  • Sarah 1

    No! I just traveled Don Tyson Parkway and I wonder if our city council has visited other well-maintained towns? There should be no stoplights on cross town expressways. That is the reason they are called expressways. You are able to maintain a steady speed limit instead of stopping at every traffic signal. On ramps and off ramps are the ONLY way to go. They keep traffic moving. Try it Springdale City Council, you might like it.

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