Girl Shaves Head To Support Friend With Cancer, Gets Barred From School

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KDVR – A 9-year-old girl was kept out of class Monday, because of her support for a friend who is fighting cancer.

Kamryn decided to have a big makeover — shaving off all of her hair in solidarity with a friend who was starting chemotherapy to treat cancer.

“I was really excited I would have somebody to support me and I wouldn’t be alone with people always laughing at me. I would at least have somebody to go through it all,” says Delaney, who just began chemotherapy.

But Kamryn’s school, Caprock Academy, has a policy against shaved heads for girls. The school told her she couldn’t come back to class until she got a wig or her natural hair grew back because her shaved head violates the dress code.

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  • S.R.Kallick

    We at the PINK HEALS care enough to wear pink in North West Arkansas stand behind Kamryn in her support of er friend. What better way to show your love for a friend then when you can’t stop her pain to support her by joining her is her fight. Perhaps the school staff should all shave their heads a a loving gesture for this girl. Go GIrl and be strong.
    With all our love and support
    Seth Kallick

  • happy trails

    I agree with the school (rules). I’m sure the school has that rule to keep the freaks from shaving their heads and walking around like that, they probably say you can’t dye your hair crazy colors also.

    Kamryn is doing a great thing but they should have checked with the school rules? Instead of thinking because it’s a good thing the school will let it slide.

    Better find a wig or home school.

    • Pamela

      I am sorry, are you saying that if you shave your head or dye it an “off” color that you are freak? Wow. How very close minded of you. Congrats. No one tells my kids or myself how we can or cannot wear our hair. Also, I am not checking with ANYONE before my children get a haircut. I am the mom and it is my decision!

    • atc8824

      I know several young girls with blue streaks and red streaks and also with red or dark blue hair and none of them are freaks.Some guys shave their head because they are poor and cant afford a $20 hair cut or somebody might shave their head to support a cancer patient that is close to them.

    • Mark Smith

      Happy trails. You are small minded and are of the power hungry ilk that brought us the zero tolerance regulations that only serve the egos of the authors. Pathetic

      • happy trails

        @Mark…I’m just using logic in what I’m saying. 90% of the people on here are using there emotions in this situation and condemning the school for their rules. You all get hurt so easily by others opinions.

        I think it’s time to fit you for that dress Smith.

    • Cynthia NeSmith

      Are you serious? Freaks? I shaved my hair completely off because I have been bleaching it for years and decided it was time to go natural. I didn’t want two different hair colors. It was the most freeing thing I ever did. I felt so strong and beautiful. Your wrong to judge.

  • bobbie

    That has got to the be WORST thing ever! She is supporting her good friend, and they want to suspend her! WOW! Shame on that school! They should be proud of her for supporting such a cause! Girl Power, stay strong!

  • Renee Smith

    SHAME,,,,,, under these circumstances that little girl should be honored for supporting her friend. My daughter has done the same in support of a friend of hers, I praise that kind of love for a friend. Rules can be adapted, and in this case, SHOULD BE ADAPTED. If I were a parent of a child in this school, I would urge ALL THE CHILDREN to shave their heads. You are teaching the wrong message by sending her home for doing something to help a friend. SHAME ON YOU! I pray you come to your senses. Show some compassion. How do you think your acts will effect the child with cancer? Stop acting like a bully, start sharing in the same LOVE that she does.

  • Kathleen

    I think what she has done is simply amazing. Its sickening to see that the school would suspend a child for supporting her friend who is fighting cancer. I don’t understand these type of “rules” being placed in schools. Dress codes I understand but to deny a child their right to express themselves in some fashion. Its sad to hear that you’d call children “FREAKS” in general and then to say it only because of the way they choose to wear their hair. I myself idolize this sweet girl for what she has done and I agree with S.R. Kallick that the school staff and administrators should do as Kamdyn has and show some support for a little girl fighting for her life.

  • pooh bear

    Some people amaze me….I can’t believe people are so evil…i would be finding my child a new school!!!

  • Sandra

    This is wrong kicking this lil girl out of school just because she wants to be like her friend i would do the same thing for my kids or family and friends, if my kids done that i would keep sending them to school and if they kept kicking them out i would go to the school cause the kids have to learn and to have credit to finish school but i just hope this lil girl gets back in school and be like every kid and not be punished cause she wanted to be like her best friend.

  • atc8824

    Wow this little was so kind and for her own school to punish her for trying to help a friend through what is the greatest challenge of her life.The school could have said put a scarf on your head or wear a beanie not your thrown out for having a big heart.Seems like good gets punished and evil gets rewarded anymore.

  • Amanda

    Love what she did for her friend!! However are we talking private school here? Because if we are they absolutely have the right to enforce their policys. The family choose the school and got a handbook of school policies. They should have checked first. I am glad the little girl fighting cancer has such a supportive friend.

  • Katelyn

    What a selfless little girl. That’s so wonderful what she did. The school should not punishing that’s sweet child.

  • brit

    What an amazing little girl! I can not believe that the school would not be supportive to a little girl trying to make another not feel like she is an outcast through this journey in her life. This shows people still raise their children to have a good heart and open mind to others. But unfortunately they get punished for it. This is trully a sad and pathetic situation. Children need some kind of support from friends and I think she chose the right thing to do. We have all been children before…how would you have felt if you lost all your hair and was the only one at school without any especially at that age? This is where the administration should have looked at it from a different perspective instead of trying to be so strict!

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