LIVE UPDATE: Severe Weather Possible Tonight

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This blog will provide updates from the 5NEWS Weather Team regarding the potential for severe weather Thursday afternoon and into the overnight.









Tyler Southard March 27, 201411:54 pm

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Sebastian county til 12:30AM. Storm capable of producing 1″ hail and 60mph winds 

Shelby Hays March 27, 201411:24 pm

Melissa Jones – Springdale 11:23PM
Tyler Southard March 27, 201411:07 pm

Worst of this storm will pass south of Fort Smith. Heads up in Pocola, Barling, Greenwood, Rock Island. 

Shelby Hays March 27, 201411:01 pm

Terry Domerese – Van Buren
Tyler Southard March 27, 201411:00 pm

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Crawford, Sebastian, Le Flore, Sequoyah counties until 11:45PM. Storm capable of producing 1.25″ hail, 60mph winds. Moving east at 45mph. 

Shelby Hays March 27, 201410:58 pm

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Crawford & Sebastian counties in Arkansas and Le Flore & Sequoyah in Oklahoma until 11:45 PM.

Tyler Southard March 27, 201410:52 pm

Storm timing of strongest line segment. 

Tyler Southard March 27, 201410:36 pm

No significant rotation being detected with the line of storms moving through.

Tyler Southard March 27, 201410:32 pm

Storms moving east at about 30mph places the line into Fort Smith around 11:10PM.

Tyler Southard March 27, 201410:30 pm

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Sequoyah, Haskell, and Le Flore counties until 11:00PM. Storms capable of producing 1″ hail and wind gusts to 60mph. Moving east around 30mph.  #5wx

Tyler Southard March 27, 201410:14 pm

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Sequoyah until 10:45. Storm capable of producing 1″ hail and wind gusts to 60mph. 

Shelby Hays March 27, 201410:13 pm

Rich Hightower – Fayetteville before the storm hit

Shelby Hays March 27, 201410:01 pm

Rick Carney – Johnson 10PM

Shelby Hays March 27, 20149:57 pm

Brandon Johnson – Pea Ridge 9:57PM

Shelby Hays March 27, 20149:55 pm

Stacy Ryburn – Fort Smith 9:54PM

Tyler Southard March 27, 20149:46 pm

A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH has been posted for most of our area until 5am.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20149:42 pm

Line is moving east at roughly 35mph. This places the storms in Fort Smith in about 1 hour. 

Tyler Southard March 27, 20149:31 pm

Storms in NWA are capable of producing nickle sized hail and wind gusts to 50mph. Hail being reported in Springdale at 9:30PM.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20149:24 pm

Storms gaining strength across Northwest Arkansas. Nothing severe yet. This line is moving to the southeast.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20149:08 pm

Front is starting to move in. Showers and storms trying to fire up in NWA and NE Oklahoma.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20148:47 pm

From the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20148:10 pm

Severe storms still possible into the overnight with wind and hail the main threat. Tornado threat very low.
Tyler Southard March 27, 20144:21 pm

Storms are struggling to form along the dryline across NE Oklahoma so far this afternoon. The bulk of the storms have formed further north in a area of better synoptic forcing. Storm chances remain low at this time until a cold front further west catches up to the dryline and advances east tonight.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20144:18 pm

Here’s the approximate timing of showers and storms as the cold front moves through tonight.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20143:23 pm

Storms beginning to form in NE Oklahoma during the 3 o’clock hour.

Tyler Southard March 27, 20143:23 pm

Winds are really howling out of the south. Gusts up around 40mph at 3pm.

Joe Pennington March 27, 20141:11 pm

As of 1pm, the highest instability remains to our west where they have seen more sunshine.
By 7PM, the RAP model indicates an increase in instability in our area.

Joe Pennington March 27, 20141:00 pm

A Tornado Watch has been issued for parts of far Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri. This includes McDonald County in Southwest Missouri until 8PM.

Joe Pennington March 27, 201412:46 pm

12:30 update. Clouds this morning and early this afternoon have kept most temperatures in the 50s and a few lower 60s. Skies are clearing to our west and as a result the instability is higher. We do expect some clearing this afternoon and that will help increase instability in our area (fuel for the storms.)

Tyler Southard March 27, 201412:07 pm

Tornado watch likely to soon be issued for east Kansas, west Missouri, northeast Oklahoma.  

Joe Pennington March 27, 20148:25 am

8am UPDATE- A slight risk of severe weather continues for most of the area. All areas highlighted in the yellow shading will be under the risk of severe thunderstorms this evening. 

The main threat with the storms this evening will be gusty winds and hail; however, there will be the threat of isolated tornadoes in the the area shaded in yellow.

High-resolution weather models have flipped back and forth on the placement of thunderstorm development in our area this evening. the main forcing for thunderstorms will be to the north of our area, but the increasing moisture and instability in our area could overcome that fact. The latest run of the HRRR shows two areas of thunderstorms…a broken line of storms in Missouri and more isolated storms in Northwest Arkansas. This would be in the 7 to 8pm time frame.   

Joe Pennington March 27, 20146:25 am

One thing we will be keeping an eye on today will be the return of moisture ahead of the cold front tonight. So far, the richest moisture remains in Texas.  

Over the past 3 hours, the dew points have been increase across the area. We expect dew points to climb into the 50s by the afternoon.

Joe Pennington March 27, 20145:11 am

High-resolution, rapid update models are often useful in helping identify storm development. This is the HRRR model and it is showing storm development around 5pm in SW Missouri. We expect storms to develop farther southwest throughout the evening. 

Joe Pennington March 27, 20143:38 am

Not much of a change in the severe weather risk area for later today. We expect storms to develop in the late afternoon and early evening hours. Damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes will be possible in the risk area highlighted in yellow.

Tyler Southard March 26, 20148:54 pm

Estimated max wind gusts for Thursday storms from the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

Tyler Southard March 26, 20148:54 pm

Estimated max hail size for Thursday storms from the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

Tyler Southard March 26, 20145:22 pm

Below is a model estimate of the timing of Thursday’s line of storms.

Tyler Southard March 26, 20145:21 pm

Tyler Southard March 26, 20145:21 pm

Tyler Southard March 26, 20145:20 pm

Tyler Southard March 26, 20143:41 pm

Storms will develop along a dry line during the early afternoon across eastern Oklahoma and push east during the evening and overnight.

Tyler Southard March 26, 20143:38 pm

The main threats from Thursday storms will be large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. Flood threat is low.

Tyler Southard March 26, 20143:37 pm

Locations shaded in yellow have been placed in a ‘slight risk’ for severe weather by the Storm Prediction Center for Thursday. The window of time for severe weather will mainly be between 4 to 10 PM.


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