Groundbreaking For Van Asche Drive $4.5 M Project

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There will be a groundbreaking ceremony at the intersection of Garland Avenue and Van Asche Drive at 1:30 p.m. The public is invited.

The project will connect Garland Avenue, also known as Hwy 112, and Gregg Avenue through improvements to Van Asche Drive.

Crews plan to turn Van Asche Drive into a straight road, widen it to four lanes and add turn lanes. From McGuire Avenue to Gregg Avenue, there will be a four lane boulevard section.

"It will be directly straight across that field underneath 540 so right now it makes a big route and gets back to where you are going," said Jeremy Pate, director of development services. "It will connect with highway 112 where it is now by Restaurant on the Corner so that will stay there."

"It will just take out all of the curves between the two," he said.

Pate said several goals include easing traffic congestion and access to business near the Northwest Arkansas Mall as well as promoting economic growth.

'This is one that we hope we're getting ahead of as opposed to just responding to because there is no development there now," Pate said. "It's a green field site, we're able to put in the infrastructure that we need to provide for future development opportunities and to provide for connectivity today."

Work will start in April and the contractor has 15 months to complete the project.

It will cost $4.5 million paid for the Transportation Bond Program approved by voters in 2006.

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  • Leten Uno

    The new flyover from college to the olive garden exit is near complete. After looking at it I don’t see how you can get back on the westbound Fulbright expressway there, only get off. Is this seriously not addressing the issue of having to drive all the way down past target, through the ‘3 stooges’ intersection and wait in line to get on fulbright at the old 2 stooges’ shiloh entrance ?
    Getting back on to get back home of back to work is a bigger issue.
    Tell me it aint so.

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