Police: Oklahoma Man Admits Killing Cat Because It ‘Urinated In His Boots’

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KFOR – A man from Moore let his temper get the best of him after police say he admitted to killing the family cat.

The Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office charged 43-year-old Kevin Dewayne Grace with one count of animal cruelty.

Earlier in March police responded to a call at a home near the 200 block of S.E. 2nd St.

The woman living at the home told police her husband had killed the family cat and took off.

Police said Grace took off in a Chevrolet pickup and was pulled over for a traffic stop at 1000 S. Interstate 35 near S.E. 59th St.

Authorities said Grace told them he was upset because the cat urinated in his boots.

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    • Anonymous

      No animal deserves to be killed over something like this! Wash the shoes, slap the cat on the butt, and move on. If your child peed on your boots, would you kill him/her? No! My cat has peed on my shoes before and I got onto him for it and moved on. How many innocent animals have you killed for senseless things like this?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Kevin, I wouldn’t. I would shoo it away. And, no, I’m not some tree-hugger. I learned a very valuable lesson from my uncle (after his death when I was 15). Every living thing deserves the chance to live its life. People that kill an innocent animal in a manner like this, deserve every bit of reprimand they get. Can you imagine the amount of suffering that animal might have went through? Can you imagine the images the man’s family saw that they will never be able to unsee? I’m glad his wife reported him! I’d do the same thing to my husband in a heartbeat, too.

  • Marie

    I hope the guys wife is happy. They can now spend any money they have on lawyers, fines and loss of wages. I don’t condone killing a family pet, but if it is destructive to the family, it needs to Go.

  • concerned citizen

    I would pee in the scumbag’s boots, too. @Stephen, your statement brands you as a potential serial killer. Oh, well, come Judgement Day you will have all the like-minded company you want.

  • Kevin

    Its an animal! Get over it! Lets start worrying about serious stuff like how liberals are destroying the American way of life.

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