VIDEO: Dad Edits Movies To Make His 3-Year-Old Look Like An Action Star


The father behind the Action Movie Kid YouTube channel makes edits to videos in order to make his 3-year-old look like an action star

Here are some of the 5NEWS favorites:

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  • Happy, happy, happy

    Another parent hoping for a reality star??? Raise your kid and instill some values that help him to become a productive member of society and then you can say you did a good job.

    • Matthew David King Wheeler

      What about these videos instills a sense that he isn’t laying a solid foundation of moral understanding within this child’s development? He’s encouraging creative thinking and freedom, not locking his child in a cage telling him to be something he isn’t. This is part of child development. This is reality. This is a father interacting with his child in an appropriate and loving manor. He’s doing a hell of a lot better than quite a few ‘father figures’ in the world. This here’s a true dad, and your observations are baseless.

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