Benton County Flood Damage Repairs To Be Complete in 2015

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Benton County road crews have been busy repairing flood damage from 2013.

Terry Nalley of the Benton County Road Department said crews recently completed the work from last April's flooding but are still working on the August flood damage.

Crews are working on a bridge project on Sugar Creek Road in Pea Ridge. The crews are placing a concrete slab and repairing culverts, Nalley said.

County officials estimate 241 sites were damaged.

The April flood damage qualified for state aid, which covers 12.5 percent of the repair cost. Nalley said the department received a three-month extension to turn in all of the paperwork for that reimbursement. The deadline is July.

The August 2013 flood damage qualified for both federal and state aid. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) covers 75 percent.

Benton County Judge Bob Clinard said the county has to follow specific rules if they want to be reimbursed.

"This total damage from last August was about $3.5 million, and we're going to get reimbursed somewhere a little over $3 million," Clinard said. "It's very important that we cross our T's and dot our I's to make sure we do everything exactly like their requirements call for."

Clinard said the repairs are being done carefully to help with future flooding.

"I want to get an engineer to design it and do it right," Clinard said. "That also may mitigate some of this future damage and might resist more of a flooding situation in the future."

The Benton County  Road Department expects to be complete with the August flood work in the first quarter of 2015.