Fayetteville Police Warn Of Scam

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Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor announced Friday that citizens need to beware of a scammer posing as a government official.

On Friday (March 28), Fayetteville Police received complaints from citizens who stated they received a call from a subject that said they were from the Arkansas Department of Traffic and Warrants.

The scammer claimed the victim had received a citation from a red light camera in Fayetteville and that a warrant had been issued for their arrest, authorities say.

The caller then told the victim to go to a local business and purchase a “Green Dot” cash card for several hundred dollars to pay the fines and avoid the warrant.

“Chief Tabor wants to remind citizens that there are no red light cameras in Fayetteville nor is there an Arkansas Department of Traffic and Warrants,” authorities say.

Anyone that feels they are a victim of this scam should contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 479-587-3555.

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