No Child Births In Leflore County

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No babies were being delivered Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center, in Leflore County.

"We had to close OB (obstetrics) because the necessity to have the surgical unit to have emergency C sections, so right now no babies are being born in Leflore County," said Michael Carter, CEO of the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center.

Carter said he had been with the center since August, and after only a few months on the job, his emergency center was closed down temporarily by the state.

According to Carter, the center failed a survey by the Oklahoma Health Department in it's structural, mechanical, and operational  areas.

Charley Hayes, Business and Industry Services Coordinator with the Kiamichi Technology Center in Poteau, said his students were helping to repair the hospital.

"We have different programs here; welding, heating, and air conditioning, electrical trades, just several different programs that lends to helping with some of the issues that they came across at their facility," said Hayes.

According to Hayes, 20 students from each department put what they've learned in class to work at the medical center.

Hayes said it was a great way to give back, and for the students to do hands on learning while still benefiting their community.

Carter said the students were providing them an extra set of hands to help them take care of the other matters that need to be taken care of.

According to Carter, with the students working on different task it allows his workers to work on more pressing problems the center had.

Carter said if things stayed on track, the new surgical center would open in four months; and babies can then be born in the county again.

Carter said they had been sending all the patients they could not assist to Mercy and Sparks Medical Center in Fort Smith.