Westboro Baptist Church Announces Plans To Picket Liquor Store

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KFOR – In the wake of its founder’s passing, the Westboro Baptist Church has announced it plans to picket a Moore liquor store.

According to Moore Liquor’s Facebook page, the store posted a sign marking the death of the church’s founder, Fred Phelps.

The store was offering a discount on champagne to celebrate the occasion.

Now the Westboro Baptist Church has announced on Twitter it will be in Moore, Oklahoma, April 5 to protest.

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    • CF

      It’s only 10% off. This should attract a lot of business besides the champagne. I would buy from them if it was in my neck of the woods.

      Looks like they hurt Westboro feeeelings….lol. good!


  • atc8824

    If WBC cant handle a taste of their own medicine then maybe they need to stop pouring their medicine down peoples throats.No parent that is burying their son should have to live through the nightmare picketing of WBC.The man died so that we could live, give a soldier a break he gave his life so that we have the freedoms we have today.

  • nurse one

    Amen. The things they picket are very tacky and cold hearted. Glad I was brought up to love others and not judge. My prayers for them over their loss and prayers to them they find peace within themselves instead of hate.

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