A River Valley Resident Raises Money For Boston Marathon Survivors

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Almost one year ago, the bombing at the Boston Marathon took place.

Megan Kale-Cheever of Fort Smith was a runner in the marathon.

Cheever said she finished the race just one hour before the bombing happened.

Her husband was at the finish line near where the second bomb went off, said Cheever.

"I have a feeling that this is gong to be really emotional thing to go through again. I think it's going to be an emotional experience getting the baton, and handing it off. It's going to be a really emotional 8 1/2 miles," said Cheever.

Cheever would be participating in the One Run for Boston cross country relay race on Monday, (March 31) morning.

The relay race would start in Los Angeles, CA., and travel to Boston, MA., ending a week before the marathon.

Participants would run anywhere from eight to 22 miles across the map as they carried a baton to the next runner.

According to Cheever, at least 1700 runners were a part of the relay, and they  raised over 250,000.

Cheever said the goal of this year's race was one million dollars.

Runners raised money by having individuals sponsor them and donate funds.

Cheever said she raised $250, but had pushed her goal back to one thousand.

By clicking here people can donate money to Cheever's leg of the race.

"I'll be running ten miles, and I'll be running from Catoosa, Oklahoma to Claremore, Oklahoma," said Colleen Wilson, an Oklahoma participant in the relay.

Wilson said she would start her leg of the race Sunday night at 11 pm, and would finish at 1 am Monday morning.  She said her husband would be driving behind her as she ran, making sure she stayed safe.

Wilson said she believed she would be emotional at the completion of her experience.

"We're just doing such a small thing to help the victims, and I can't imagine what they've had to go through,"said Wilson.

Cheever would be traveling to Claremore, Ok., to start her leg of the race at 1 am Monday morning and would end in Foyil, Ok., at 330 am on Sunday (March 31).

Cheever said her mother would drive behind her as she ran.

The race ran 33,000 miles long.