District: Bentonville High Student Threatened To “Shoot The Place Up”

Bentonville High School

A student has confessed to making a gun threat against Bentonville High School by writing a note on a bathroom wall of the school, according to the Bentonville School District.

The threat was discovered in a girls’ restroom Monday morning and indicated the writer was going to “shoot the place up” Tuesday, according to the school district. A student later confessed to writing the threat. The student’s parents picked the student up and said they did not have any guns at home, said Mary Ley, spokeswoman for the school district.

Extra security was assigned to the high school for Monday night and Tuesday morning to “ensure the safety of the school,” according to a note sent home to parents from Assistant Principal James Swim.

A student reported information on the threat to a staff member, who told administrators and authorities about the situation, spurring the investigation, according to Swim’s note.


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