Pinwheels Will Be Planted To Represent Abused Children in NWA

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Area agencies will come together to help raise awareness against child abuse at several locations throughout the region for the annual Pinwheels for Prevention event Tuesday (April 1).

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and advocates from the Children's Safety Center have planned three events to plant 533 pinwheels at each spot.

Each pinwheel represents a child who was abused and helped at the center in 2013.

"We just love this event so much because it's team building for us as well as the community," said Emily Rappe, director of development. "It's just so important that the community understands why we are here and that these kids really need us as adults to speak up and help them get the help that they need."

Rappe said they want to make a lasting impact.

"They are just really bright, sparkly and colorful so they really catch the attention of the drivers," she said.

Here's a list of events:


  • April 1, 12:00 PM, corner of 71B and Emma, Springdale
  • April 1, 1:30 PM, Farmington City Hall
  • April 2, 4:00 PM, Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club


The Children's Advocacy Center of Benton County will also hold a Pinwheel for Prevention Rally. It will be at Dave Peel Park at 11:30 a.m. After the rally, volunteers will place pinwheels at six different law enforcement agencies thoughout Benton County.

The public is invited to attend these events.