Registration Begins for Urban Deer Hunt in River Valley

Starting today(April 1), hunters in the River Valley can register for the upcoming urban deer season.

One restriction: archery equipment only, such as longbows, recurve bows, or compound bows; crossbows are not allowed.

The goal is to reduce the number of deer in city limits. There is no bag limit or antler restrictions.

However, you do need to meet a list of requirements. They include: attending an urban hunting orientation with a $50.00 confirmation fee.

You must also have a valid urban bowhunting permit issued by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

“Well you don’t get that permit without jumping through a few hoops first, ” said local hunter Howard Robinson,  “I guess it’s worth it. The people going through it are really doing a service to the city of Fort Smith.”

For a full list of the requirements and regulations set by the AGFC, click here.

The season will take place from September 6  to January 31, 2015 in eight Arkansas communities including Fort Smith and Barling.

Registration closes May 1.


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