9-Year-Old Killed In LeFlore County Shooting

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A 9-year-old boy was shot and killed Wednesday in LeFlore County, Okla., according to Kendall Morgan, the county undersheriff.

The 9-year-old boy was shot by his 12-year-old brother in the upper chest area, Morgan said. Authorities are investigating whether the fatal shooting was an accident.

The boy's family identified him as Joshua Lee Nun.

"Josh is something else," said the boy's mother, Wilene Carrell.  "He was well-mannered. He always said 'thank you' and 'please'."

The incident occurred on Buck Creek Road near Panama.

"One of the siblings admitted he had the gun in his hands when it went off," Morgan said.

The shooting took place inside the home. Deputies are investigating how the child got his hands on the gun and why the children weren't in school, according to the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office.

"Kids woke up late, and she didn't take them to school because they were running late," Morgan said.

Johua's friends and family said they are relying on prayer to deal with his death.

"I love you, momma. It's beautiful up here," Carrell said.

Deputies said Carrell has a history with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, and they are factoring that into their investigation.

The children have been taken from their mother for the time being, according to DHS officials.

Leflore County


  • Tracy Young

    That is just terrible. Parents need to be responsible enough to keep weapons where children can not get them.

    • Rich

      If parents taught their children to RESPECT guns they would not be played with like toys! I have a 6yo and he has his own .22 (granted no ammo) but he RESPECTS his firearm and mine. If you hide guns they are more likely to be found and played with. Teach your kids!!

  • A volunteer

    They definatley need to charge the parent (s) for this terrible accident. Not a very thoughtful parent to leave guns where kids can get them and even worse not being there to supervise them.

    • Bill

      An accident happened her son is dead . How would arresting her help . Any parent of boys knows you can’t keep them out of trouble all the time

      • A volunteer

        She should be held accountable for the safety and care of the other child in the future even if it means having the child taken away. It’s not OK to leave kids alone and it’s not OK to leave guns where curious children can get to them. Maybe it will prevent her other child or children from being a statistic. And because she’s had a past with DHS concerning her children, I’d say she needs a little time behind bars to think about it. But the big thing is, she broke the law. I stand firm on my thoughts and opinion regardless of what your opinion is.

    • Anon

      This woman probably does deserve to be charged with something (child endangerment, for example). The mother– I hope– probably has a job, but you’re right, if she let her children stay home from school, she should have been supervising them as much as possible. Twelve-year-olds can usually look after themselves and a sibling or two for hours, but this environment was clearly not the most suitable.

      Bill, “an accident happened her son is dead . How would arresting her help . Any parent of boys knows you can’t keep them out of trouble all the time.” Um, having a child killed is A LITTLE more than not keeping that out of trouble. In the very least, she should be seriously investigated to determine whether she is a fit parent or not, and yes, maybe even arrested. She has more than one child, and more well-being might be in question.

  • Alexis

    You do realize that someone will now jump on the “ban all guns” bandwagon. It’s simple really…keep your guns OUT OF THE REACH OF YOUNG CHILDREN. Notice that the article said the boy was shot by his older sibling….the gun DID NOT shoot the child. My heart does go out to the family at their time of loss.

  • kirk

    Please everyone don’t immediately assume these parents were irresponsible with how they stored their guns. I remember being 12 yrs old and kids these days are pretty smart and if a 12 yrs old wanted to play with a gun locked in a gun safe or hidden somewhere then they will find a way. Afterall the kids live there too and know how to get into things more than we expect sometimes. This accident is going to haunt this 12 yr old boy for the rest of his life. I feel for the family but most of all feel for the 12 yr old because this is a lesson no child should have to learn the hard way.

  • Roxanne

    I’m with the person that said the gun didn’t kill the boy it was his brother don’t get me wrong I have guns but my son all ways knew not to touch then and they were for hunting or if someone was coming in the home that was not allowed. I feel for that boy he had to live with it. But I’m like others way were out of school and were was the mom or dad. You have to teach you kids about guns its not guns that kill it is the person be hide it.

  • Kim

    Yes I agree my heart goes out to this
    Family. I feel so bad for the 12 year
    Old who has to now live with this
    Forever. Accidents happen every day
    And to have this kind of accident at his
    Age is just tragic. Very sad and I’m
    Praying for this family.

  • Leah Johnson

    This is so sad. Definitely praying for the family. I wish 5 News would work on how they address such tragic news like this. The wording seems so insensitive…. Have a heart.

  • jess boggs

    This breaks my hart i know how it feels to lose a kid in a shooting my daughter when was brutally taken away from me may 2 2012 she was 15 month when she was shoot in The head parents need to teach there kids about gun safty

  • Sarah 1

    Responsible adults know when weapons are loaded or unloaded. All weapons and ammo should be under lock and key when children are nearby. The twelve year old does not have the brain power to make appropriate decisions.

    Until parents and caregivers are charged these types of tragedies will continue to occur whether by drowning, four wheeler accidents, leaving babies in cars on hot summer days or weapon’s beng discharged.

    If you bring children into your home it is YOUR responsibility to watch over them.

  • LeAnn

    Everyone should have a heart & be praying for the family instead of criticizing the parents. Guns should be locked away but also think that his brother has to live with this for the rest of his life. To Jennifer, you weren’t there so you need to pray for the mother instead of saying such awful things.

    • Jennifer

      I never said I was there but I know exactly who these people are in fact they are family. Also my husband is chief there. You go pray if you want to LeAnn. It sickens me that this happened. She should have been a better mother and DHS should have done a better job!

  • ps

    I hate to hear stories like this. Just about anyone can own a gun now a days. Incedents like this happen all the time. Instead of stricker gun control we lobby for more pro gun laws and stand your ground laws like a lot of states have passed. It is no wonder that southern states are more poverty stricken and less educated but we are more pro gun laws. People if you have guns lock them up and hide the key. Don’t trust kids to be responible with something a lot of adults don’t know to be responsible with. How many stories do you hear on the new where the was a domestic dispute or case of road rage that ended in death because of a gun. I relize that it takes a person to use a gun, but I have to think that if that person did not have a gun the outcome would have been different. My heart does go out to the family. I can’t imagine what that boy will have to live with knowing he accidently killed his brother.

  • Ashley

    Will I’m sure the parents will be paying enough with there son gone accendents happen and there is not a single parent out there that is perfect people make mistakes and yes I agree they should be put up and lock but also it’s not hard to find the key and unlock it either but I’m sure they didn’t want there son to die and also no one should judge anyone period how would you like it if something you did wrong people to judge you . Leave the judgement to Jesus he is the only one who judgement matters . Il be praying for this family but on the other hand Jesus claim his angle and he is in a better place .

  • Josh

    This is a horriable event that has taken place a young life has ended. But it’s not our job to place blame be it on the older child or the parents or the gun. Let the police of there work before any harsh actions are taken or
    Words are said. Don’t forget good or bad mother she still lost a child and that’s never easy. Also yes gun violence is in the news spot light in the U.S today. And for many reasons this is a tragedy for one life was lost. Two there are possiable many ways it could have not been depending on factual events of what really took place. What me must do now is not lay the blame and say what could have been done cause honestly it’s to late. But we must better our selves and how our own children are tought gun control. And how we relate to them in relation to those guns. Also this is a ever changing world and we are just human and even though we lock things away and try and hide them there always seems to be a way to get around our best made plans. Things happen we don’t know why or how but they do and it’s out job to change them in the future with the knowledge we gained from the events that take place.

  • a mom

    in the short 6 months i have lived in this town this is the second incident where a child has been killed by a gun- as my heart goes out to the grieving family – I can’t wonder but hope that this tragedy doesn’t cause a political platform for gun laws instead shows that we as parents need to be more active in teaching our kids proper safety on guns as well as making sure our guns are locked up.

  • Mike Smith

    And in the studio the producer was high fiving everyone and pumping fists in the air because once again a shady un moralistic employee of his was able to get that oh so coveted grief interview from a family member !!

  • just so you know

    I am sorry for the kids but dhs was called multiple times and either time they did nothing this could have been prevented if they would have taken the kids the first time .

    • Jennifer

      Just so you know,.. I wanted to let you know that you are absolutely right. Also FYI doesn’t know anything and shouldn’t be using the handle FYI because they do not have any useful information to share with anyone.

  • Jonella

    Children don’t kill children. No child has the maturity to want to truly “kill” another human. Guns kill. No gun, or at least if it was locked ina gun case, the baby would still be alive enjoying life.

    This Mom us a good woman and really feels devastated.

    Guns do kill when it comes to kids, in adults, guns don’t kill- people do.

  • luvgod1st

    It sickens me how everyone is obsessed with voicing their opinions about others lives so very quickly.Father keep this family together.Shield them in their time of sorrows.Send angels of comfort to heal them inside and comfort them from grieving and blaming themselves.For what is done cannot be undone,and if it could you Lord know they would have done things differenty.Protect them from their enemies.Those who are quick to cast stones.And forgive those who cast judgement upon them,for Father they know not what they do.Amen.

  • Dan R

    Here’s an interesting fact for all you uneducated people who don’t care enough about the gun crises in this country… Parents are almost never ever prosecuted or even charged when their kids accidentally kill themselves or others with their guns. It’s true. So when all of you who are outraged by this–calling for the parents to be charged with negligence, here’s a better thing to do with that energy… elect legislators that are not afraid of the NRA and will do something about controlling guns in this country. WE ARE THE ONLY DEVELOPED COUNTRY THAT DOESN’T HAVE SANE GUN CONTROL. Yet we have the most gun related deaths, the most crime, the most people in jail and the list goes on. So having guns isn’t protecting us or reducing crime or making us more safe.

  • Warrior

    Teach gun safety and respect for firearms AND keep them locked up. We have weaspons but they are kept locked away from the kids. They have also been taught safety and respect.

  • netty

    We don’t know the whole story, I sure hope some of you don’t get on a jury when you only know part of the story and are already convicting the mother. We don’t know what actually happened so keep the ugly comments to yourself. Some people are so easy to judge, just keep your closet closed so the skeletons dont come falling out.

  • Clem

    “…maybe he didn’t know it was loaded” – what an utterly stupid thing to say – ever. The FIRST thing to know when handling a gun is; ASSUME IT’S LOADED – Good Lord – when did common sense disappear from this country?

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