After Bomb Threat Bentonville School Officials Urge Students To Not Pull Pranks

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Following the gun threat Monday and the bomb threat Tuesday, Bentonville school officials are urging students to think before pulling a harmless prank- because it might have serious consequences.

Students at Bentonville High School were evacuated Tuesday at 12:15 for a bomb threat found in a boy's bathroom. Bomb sniffing dogs and an FBI task force were called in to investigate.

"We hate to see a young person have that label at this stage in life...students really need to think hard about if this is really worth it," said school district spokeswoman Mary Ley.

Something as simple as writing a threat on a bathroom stall could be classified as terroristic threatening, which can be classified as a class D felony.

"Do you really want as a 17 or 18 year old to have that hanging over you forever?" said Ley.

Bentonville father Alex Bogard has six children in the school district. He agrees that kids are not thinking ahead to what the repercussions could be.

"They think it's all fun and games but when somebody gest hurt it's not going to be fun anymore," said Bogard.

The school increased security today by having sign out sheets in the classrooms to go to and from the bathrooms. There were also supervisors present at the bathroom entrances so that all students were monitored coming in and out.

The bomb threat made Tuesday is still under investigation and no arrests have been made.