Spring Is Here But Winter Potholes Remain

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Benton County Road Department crews poured asphalt over Holly Lane in Garfield. It's one of many roads with potholes and cracks left from the past winter.

Terry Nalley, administrator for public services, said, crews needed temperatures to stay above 40 degrees to correctly pave the damaged roads.

Nalley said any rain will delay their work. He said even though it's Spring time, they want to get it all repaired as quickly as possible.

"There's going to be a lot of work that we're going to be hard pressed to get everything done by September, October, when winter hits again," Nalley said. "We have a full crew but we're going to be real hard pressed because these roads have taken a toll this winter."

In the budget this year, Nalley said they have 22 miles of road to improve and pave. However, as far as potholes, they're too many to know exactly how many need to be patched.

 'There's going to be some that we aren't going to be able to have enough manpower or even material to get to," Nalley said. "The harsh winter, freeze thaw, the snow as well as the blades on the roads to clear all of that is very damaging to the roads."

The estimates to just fix the potholes were about $150,000. However, Nally said he expect that number to rise with the volume of work that's left to do.

The next road on the list is Shaffer Road in Garfield.

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  • JR Gibbs

    Glad to see they’re on it. I hope all towns & state are on it too. There are some nasty holes out there.

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