BLOG: Teen Gets McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo

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Courtesy: Facebook

A Norwegian teen is certainly loving it, and has the tattoo to prove it.  Stian Ytterdahl has a tattoo from a recent McDonald’s meal on his arm. The 18 year-old recently tattooed the receipt from the tattoo parlor which did the original work on his arm as well.

Reports show, Ytterdahl’s friends gave him him an ultimatum–or dare, if you will–to either get the receipt or a Barbie tattoo, he chose the former. He told the media it was his choice and all in good fun, stating he may not think it’s as much fun when he’s in his 50’s.

Ytterdahl is also a tattoo artist.


  • Happy, happy, happy

    So if these “friends” dared him to eat dog poo or cow poo he would pick one of those too?

  • skittles

    Yes, Happy Cubed, he would. I am a close, personal friend of Mr. Ytterdahl, and I know his mannerisms and idiosyncrasies.

  • Jonella

    Well if in a week the teen was seeking a refund and they wanted to see the receipt, well just pull up your coat sleeve and bam, theirs the proof.

  • Shawnta0520

    Tattoo aside…did anyone notice the prices??? Not sure what the exchange rate is for Norway but $22 seems high for a flurry!! lol

    • Yeah but no

      It’s Norway…they don’t use “dollars” there; they have the Krone. 22 krone is like $4 which is sorta high for a McFlurry but on the upside they get to live in Norway.

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