Semi-Truck Hits Moped On I-540 In The Rain

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A semi-truck collided Thursday night with a moped on Interstate 540. Officials said the slick pavement heavy rain likely contributed to the wreck.

The moped's female operator was hospitalized with undisclosed injuries following the crash. Authorities said the moped was rear-ended by the truck near Rudy.

Authorities said the male driver of the semi stated he did not see the female in front of him due to the heavy rain.

No arrests or other injuries were reported.

The names of those involved are not being released at this time.


  • Carol Smittle

    Mopeds should not be allowed on Highways or Interstate roads. They do not go fast enough or are big enough to be seen. It is very dangerous.

  • jmturner

    i totally agree! mopeds should not be on the highways but also if you ride any kind of motorized bike you should always wear a helmet!

  • atc8824

    I thought there was already a law about mopeds on interstate.There is a sign before you get on I-540 in Fort Smith that says no people,bicycles or mopeds on interstate.

  • BJM

    I thought it wasn’t legal for mopeds to use the interstate. Been that way for years. At least that’s what I always heard.

  • bobreal

    That size of a motorbike IS NOT allowed on the Interstate..
    To bad they DON’T make a person take the Motorcycle Test to ride any Motorbike/Motorcycle regardless of size the bike..

  • Jim Dukes

    what it don’t look like a moped to me looks like a sports bike to me.why didn’t the driver see the see the bike It must have been a co. out of north west Ark or he would have got a ticket for something

  • mike davis

    look hear all readers that truck hit her in tha rear and yall act like its tha girl on tha bikes falt u really ot to look in to things befor u start talkin bad ok I was there and that truck was goin way to fast and not payin attention or lookin totally his falt and it was a 150 cc so ya it was legal on 540 do your research people and also plz pray for that poor little girl she’s in ICU now thanks

  • Dewy

    Is she ok idk her name it looks like an old friend of mines bike how bout askin that instead of the legality of motor bikes on the interstate

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