Police Investigate 2 Threats At Rogers Schools

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Police are investigating threat discovered Thursday at Rogers Heritage High School and Elmwood Middle School, according to the Rogers Police Department.

The nonspecific threat at the high school was discovered just before noon. It did not mention a gun or bomb, and it was not directed toward any specific people, said Officer Keith Foster with Rogers police.

The school was not evacuated, but investigators are reviewing security footage of the school and interviewing teachers and students to determine who left the threat, police said.

A short time later, a separate threat was discovered at Elmwood Middle School in Rogers. The threat was vague and was not made against anyone specifically, Foster said.

Police are investigating that threat as well, although no one was evacuated.


  • concerned parent

    And what about the threat at Elmwood Middle School that prompted a phone call from them about 1:45? Do these kids not realize what sort of trouble they are in when caught – obviously not.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    They are rebelling against having to take the state tests this week. Bad
    choices are being made by these teens. If we had done something like this “back in the day” we could not have sat down for days. There is no threat of punishment that kids are afraid of today, so I predict this will continue.

  • Jonella

    Kids have caught the spring time bug. Kids just want out and in the fresh air.

    Kids pull fire alarms to get a 30-90 min fresh air break all the time.

    Kids know that they can’t get in real trouble, so why not do it.

    A minor can murder and usually serve no more than 8 years max.

    Until we really crack down on these disruptive behaviors kids will keep doing these things on a weekly basis, but usually only if the weather is nice.

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