Storm Season And Storm Shelters, Things On The Minds Of Residents In The River Valley

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With spring storm season in the area residents in the River Valley were mapping out how they would stay safe during severe weather.

"We've got displays, you know so people can see the product and a storm rolls in and you look outside and cars will just start rolling in the parking lot. People bringing their dogs, their grand kids, their kids, you name is they bring it to get in there and be safe," said Wes Gryner with Gryner Construction in Alma.

Tamyara Gryner, President of Gryner Construction, said normally they could get a storm shelter installed within a week, sometimes two, but this time last year they were a month behind on orders due to the volume of people placing orders.

Tamyara Gryner said the best time of year to order and install a shelter would be in the summer.

She said their shelters range in price from $3200 to $3800.

Storm shelters were one of the most common ways to stay safe, but some people in the River Valley said they found other ways to stay protected.

"I go in my wood box by my fire place. Never been in it, but I can get in it and close the door and that chimney is not going to blow over," said Dale Stockan of Van Buren.

Other residents said they would go to local schools and get in their shelter.

By clicking here and emailing or calling the Arkansas Department of Emergency Personnel residents can find out if they are eligible for funding to build a storm shelter in their home.

If a person did not have a basement or a storm shelter 5NEWS weather personnel said hallways or bathrooms away from windows would work well also.




  • A. Romero

    ******Beware of this company. Dont buy anything from Gryner. Please research and buy from another company.

  • skittles

    A. Romero, give us some context. Why the mysterious injunctions against Gryner? Why the string of asterisks before your comment? Curiouser and curiouser!

  • Gabe Gryner

    I would like to know why this guy say don’t buy from us, seems like if he had a problem then he would bring it to are attention. For anybody else that is interested in a storm cellar come by our shop and look at them will give u a flyer that tells about them. And if ur interested in buying one will come out and make sure we can put it where u want it. Thanks.

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