Boil Order For LeFlore County Lifted

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UPDATE- As of Saturday (April 5) the boil order issued for Leflore County on Friday (April 4), was lifted.

Karen McKinney of Pocola, Ok., was affected by the boil order and said she had to drive to Fort Smith for her water supply.

She said the Walmart in Pocola was sold of out water when she tried to purchase her supply in town.

McKinney said her family had only been drinking bottled water and boiling all of their water since the boil order was issued.

She said they would continue to boil their water and she didn’t feel the water company had been keeping residents informed on the situation.

Many restaurants in the county shut down Friday when the boil order was issued.

The water company released no other statement after lifting the order Saturday (April 5).

A boil order was issued Friday for LeFlore County, Okla., after a malfunction may have released harmful materials into the water supply for towns around the county.

A temporary equipment malfunction a potential leak of contamination into the Poteau Valley water system, according to a statement released by the Poteau Valley Improvement Authority.

The water company deemed the water unsafe for human consumption and recommended boiling it for at least a minute as a precaution if used for consumption, food preparation, dish washing, tooth brushing, wound care, or bathing infants, who may ingest the water.

A representative with the company said the boil order would likely extend through the weekend into Monday or Tuesday.

Click here to see the towns that receive water from the Poteau Valley Improvement Authority.

For further questions or concerns, please contact Don Goforth at 918-655-7500.



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