Coach Bielema Happy With Brandon Allen’s Progress

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Brandon Allen was the starter at quarterback Saturday during the Arkansas football scrimmage, getting all the reps with the first string. Coach Bielema made it clear he is the guy.

"It's great to be able to say he started 11 games, though they weren't the results that we wanted," said Bielema. "I think that dynamic of being in the huddle, paying the consequences of wins and losses, success and failure, you can't put a value on that."

Bielema also likes how far Allen has come in just the last couple of months, getting better reads, stepping up in the pocket and just being a confident quarterback.

"He looks different and plays different," said Bielema. "He has so much composure. What I love is that through practice number six he really feels good about where he is throwing the ball and there's something to be said for a quarterback who, when he throws the ball on time, in rhythm, on target, that the ball is going to be caught and good things can happen."

Allen does have his little brother, Austin, competing for the number two spot. Coach Bielema said it's very close between Austin Allen and A.J. Derby for number two.


  • t.j.

    to take a line from my favorite retired tennis player,,”YOU CANNOT BE SERIUOS!!!”,,,geez i thought this dude was a senior and long gone,,o well,,,another year and surely they will can this “coach”.

  • Bill Jones

    I really do want to support this coach and his decisions, and I don’t understand a lot about coaching. I keep hearing of other highly recruited quarterback on campus, Rafe Peavey and Austin Allen. Why do we recruit these guys only to let then sit and watch? How could A.J. Derby name even be in the mix for the number two spot? Would this not hurt the future recruiting of good quarters? No I’m not griping, and I’m not an expert just a thought?

  • Happy, happy, happy

    As a long long time season ticket holder, the only ting I know for sure is we better have a better season than last year or the fans will not be behind Coach B much longer. We are tired of hopes and broken promises.

  • t.j.

    i feel we should be behind him now,,,,so we can boot him to the curb before recruiting for the next ten years is totaled.

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