Spring Cleaning In The River Valley

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Sebastian County held a cleanup event for the River Valley Saturday (April 5).

People went to locations across the area to get rid of some unwanted items that had been stored away.

Clean ups at Greenwood Rural County Road and Greenwood City Street Department accepted items from 7 am untilĀ  2 pm.

Milltown only had two dumpsters and had filled and stopped accepting items by noon.

This was the only clean up in the spring for Milltown and Greenwood Rural County.

Both would have another clean up in the fall.

The Greenwood Street Department said they would be accepting items throughout the week until April 12.

Throughout the week they would accept items from 7 am until 6 pm. On Saturday (April 12) they would be accepting items 7 am to 2 pm.

"It gives people a chance to instead of going to the land field they can come locally to do it. It actually helps in the rural area as far as our road people go because they don't dump in the roads when they can bring it here," said Jim Carter.

People in the area said they participated in the clean up every year and it was very convenient for them.

Workers at the clean up said some items thrown away shocked them.

"We have gotten things that a lot of times that's still in the box and the whole nine yards it's crazy what people throw away sometime," said Carter.