West Fork Waste Water Treatment Plant Leaking Wastewater Into White River


The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality confirmed Monday (April 7) that they had visited the West Fork Waste Water Treatment Plant multiple times and observed sewage overflow leaking into the White River.

A complaint was reportedly made via email that when it rains, raw sewage overflows from a manhole on the south side of the treatment facility and flows into the White River, according to the ADEQ.

ADEQ inspectors visited the facility twice on April 2 and April 3. They observed sewage overflow was occurring and that wastewater was entering the White River. On the second visit (April 3), inspectors observed a second overflow occurring at a splitter box located on the facility.

On Monday (April 7), inspectors returned to the facility once more and saw the overflows were still occurring, according to the ADEQ.

ADEQ notified the city that they need to fix the situation, and they’ll continue to monitor the overflows and stay in contact with city officials to ensure the problems are addressed.


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