‘Nonspecific’ Threat Reported At Rogers School

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Police early Tuesday (April 8) were at Rogers Heritage High School, investigating a ‘nonspecific’ threat written on a bathroom wall, officials said.

Police determined the threat did not pose any “imminent danger” to students or faculty, said Ashley Siwiec, Rogers Public Schools spokeswoman.

The campus was not evacuated, she said.

The school district sent either an email or phone alert to parents at 11:20 a.m. regarding the threat, Siwiec said.

The incident on Tuesday is the fourth in recent days at Rogers schools.

On April 4, a nonspecific threat was discovered in the morning at Kirksey Middle School, but it was vague and did not target any specific people, said Officer Keith Foster with Rogers police.

The school was not evacuated. Investigators are reviewing security footage and interviewing potential witnesses, Foster said.

Authorities also discovered nonspecific threats at Rogers Heritage High School and Elmwood Middle School late last week. Police are reviewing footage from those schools to determine who left the threats, but no one has been arrested, Foster said.

Those schools also were not evacuated.

Classes were evacuated in Bentonville recently after a gun threat and a bomb threat were discovered in the high school’s bathrooms in a two-day span. Samantha Overstreet, 18, was arrested on suspicion of leaving the gun threat. She faces a felony charge of terroristic threatening, according to Bentonville police.

No one has been arrested in connection with the bomb threat at Bentonville High School. Police continue to investigate that case.

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  • Jonellaa

    Who cares. These bomb threats are a daily thing now. No one cares.

    Kids will be kids. For everyday of a bomb threat the school year is to be extended one full day. This would stop a lot of this.

    These kids know that if they are under 18 years of age, that they can’t be touched.

    Also it is instant fame amongst the student body.

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