First National Texting Enforcement Crackdown

October of 2009 a law was passed against texting while driving.

April 10- 15 officers in Arkansas would be strictly enforcing that law as a part of the national U Drive. U Text. U Pay. campaign.

According to the Fort Smith Municipal Court, a citation for texting and driving could cost a person $215.

Lynn Lisk, Director of Paralegal Studies at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, said officers would not be able to pull drivers over at random.

According to him, officers had to have a reasonable suspicion that a driver was engaging in an illegal activity before they could pull them over.

Lisk said if drivers were texting or checking their devices at a stop light or stop sign they could be ticketed because they were still on the road.

The professor said if a person refused to show officers their phone they could receive a search warrant to check the phone.

The law states that a person under the age of 18 could not use a telephone while driving for any reason.

A person between the ages of 18-20 could talk on the phone only while using a hands free device.

Adults 21 and up were allowed to use a smartphone for calls only.

Residents in the River Valley said they supported the crack down and texting and driving was unsafe for all drivers on the road.