Student Arrested In Elementary School Bomb Threats

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A student was arrested on Friday (April 11) in two bomb threats this week at Beard Elementary School in Fort Smith, police said.

The student is a girl attending the elementary school. On Friday afternoon, she was scheduled to be booked into the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center on a felony count of communicating a false alarm, police said.

On April 9,a note believed to have been written by a student on recess was found on an exterior school door. One day later, another note was found inside the school building.

On both days, Fort Smith police searched the school and did not find anything that might be considered a safety threat, officials said.


  • Nelson Ashby

    It could have also been a case of the child was being bullied by more than one student. That is why the child needs to be seen by a child psychologist for a complete mental evaluation before trial. Things like that there is a 99% chance that it is caused by bullying.

  • bobreal

    Was she going to have a TEST she didn’t study for??
    Time to keep track of the kids when they go to the restroom.
    Allow ONE STUDENT at a time and a Teacher goes in an BABYSITS THEM.

    • Jesse

      Which God? I hope you don’t mean the “God” of the Bible because he caused people to be extremely violent to one another.

      • Mark Smith

        Jesse, your comment is sophomoric to the extreme. Crack a book and your heart and look beyond your limited understanding of things.

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