Dogs Seized From Greenwood Home After Neglect Reported

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On Friday (April 12), an officer was dispatched to Whippoorwill Drive in Greenwood, and upon arrival, the officer spoke with a local resident that stated the home in question had a dead dog in the back yard, according to a police report from the Greenwood Police Department.

The neighbor went on to report that other dogs that were in the back yard had been eating the dead dog. The officer investigated further and saw a small black carcass lying in plain view of the back yard.

Two small dogs were reportedly eating the carcass, and five other dogs were running around with dried blood on their muzzles, leaving the officer to suspect they had previously eaten on the carcass.

The officer suspected, upon seeing the ribs and hip bones of several of the dogs, that they had been neglected of food for some amount of time.

Eventually, another officer from Greenwood City Animal Control showed up to assess the situation. That officer found the dogs’ water contained mud and mold. The officer that arrived also observed the dogs had no food, according to the report.

So, the animal control officer attempted to contact the owner of the home the dogs were at. The owner was said to be in Tulsa for an unknown amount of time in reference to health issues, so, due to the seriousness of the situation, the animal control officer deemed it necessary to seize the animals in the back yard.

After gathering all the animals and the carcass, the animal control officer issued a notice of seizure of the animals and placed it on the front door of the residence.

According to the report, the owner of the house, identified as Boyd Gann, 40, had been told in the past on numerous occasions that the issues with the dogs needed to be resolved, and Gann needed to get rid of the animals.

Other dogs could be heard within the house, and through the window, the original officer that arrived observed five other animals. All of the animals in the back yard were taken to the Fort Smith Humane Society by the animal control officer.


  • Fed up

    If he had been warned about the dogs previously why were follow up visits not done and the situation taken care of before it got this bad?????

  • JD

    I imagine the time it would take to “follow up” on all of the warnings people get would compromise too much time. What about the people that complained? On the same token, could they not have called the PD again and asked for a follow up visit to their neglectful neighbor? Think logically before asking the why???? questions.

    • Fed up

      I am thinking logically. I also know that the Animal Control officer in Fort Smith does follow up on calls and complaints. You would think Greenwood would be able to do the same considering that the actual city is not that big. I know they think they are NYC down there but they are just a little hick town.

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