12-Year-Old Arrested in Lincoln School Bomb Scare

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A 12-year-old male student was arrested Tuesday (April 15) in connection with a bomb threat at the Lincoln Middle and High schools, according to Police Chief Russell Morphis.

The schools were evacuated on Tuesday at about noon after a threat to “blow up” the campuses was found at at the middle school on one of the doors to a stall in a boys’ bathroom, the chief said.

The juvenile faces a felony charge of communicating a false alarm, the chief said.

Authorities conducted a thorough search of the schools and did not find any explosive devices, the chief said.




  • atc8824

    In my day the worst thing that happened all day is it rained and the swings had mud under them so we couldn’t play.What the heck happened to America?

  • Teresa

    Seems these bomb threats are becoming a fad for kids. Maybe if schools were to extend out their term an extra week for every time school has to be evacuated for bomb threats they would stop… just an idea :)

  • Craig

    No I think they should be slapped with the book fullest extent of the law and then some maybe do a yr in jail and suspended whom ever involved a yr of school bet they won’t do that again

  • brian

    Im a student in the elementary gym and they havent evacuated us yet we are still in the gym like a quarintine. im from the middle school and saw this wish us luck and hope we dont get blown up the time is 2:38

  • BJM

    Looks like the schools are going to have to put in Make Up days for being out for bomb threats. Just add them on the end of the school year after the snow days are made up.

  • t. e.

    My daughter just got out of school there, and we had to pick her up. She had to leave all of her posessions at school and appearantly the ‘threat’ was a kod wrote boom on the bathroom wall.

  • Brian McElhaney

    Come on News Media! Report more about these stupid kids & their False Bomb Escapades … AND ONLY MORE OF THEM WILL HAPPEN!!! Thanks a lot for helping out to spread these childish wildfire pranks keep going!

    • Sean

      Correct Brian the best way to deal with things like this is sweep it under the rug and hope it goes away.

      • Brad

        These are copy-cat crimes. As long as the parents of the children in the school are notified, I think the news needs to stop reporting these false alarm bomb threats. Now, if there was any truth to them and God forbid something bad happens, then put it on the news. But as long as these copy-cat threats keep getting reported, more and more kids will keep doing them.

  • mark

    too bad, just adds to the stress for students & all involved. feel as though it’s related to the extended school year for all the snow days. feel as though any student who carries out this threat needs to be brought to justice (legal due process) regardless of age. it’s an offense to all the rest of society & students who must endure challenges like the extended school year. my sympathy with students, parents, teachers & admin who do the right thing every hr, every day, in life’s constant struggle.
    thugs, however young or troubled, must be held accountable.

  • sparta

    I was at the school speaking to the school about their trust this behavior when it comes to my disabled child. Then I told me there was something more important happening and rush me to the football field with my child. Ivan said there with my three children and all their friend in the entire Lincoln High School for several hours. I’ve yet to get to the problem about my children but I now have them at home with me and they’ve always been safer with me than I ever have been at Lincoln School. I think that it whatever child perpetrated this waste of time should be held accountable and I just think it parent should be more involved with their children. I am very involved with my children in the school hates it very much because I want them to be held accountable also. At least they took the bomb threat seriously and told parents about it instead of hiding things under the table like the things that happened to my children. The truth is that everyone should pray for Lincoln School. I think it has less to do with bomb threats and more to do with staffing to school with knowledgeable people to take care of our impressionable children

  • Happy, happy, happy

    These kids watch youtube and all the other trash on the internet and television in the way of reality tv about people who are becoming famous in some way, and these kids are seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. They don’t care how they get it, and they don’t care if there are consequences to their actions. Oh wait a minute…..there aren’t any consequences are there.

  • mark

    the nature of the internet or media is not going away, simply to blame communication is naive. the problem begins with home and extends to our relationships w/society, the school in this case. extent your sympathies to the school and everyone involved, and to hold everyone accountable for their actions that effect others. not just a pointing finger to forces in society in place that aren’t going away like the internet or news……

  • Rogelio

    I am a kid in Lincoln Middle School and this is scary for all of us this has never happened in Lincoln and I have been here my life. This happen around 12:00, this is what happen. I was walking to my class and an announcement was let out, ” Students, Teachers and Aids please go outside now”. And I thought in my mind that something bad was going to happen. While I was going outside I thought that this is a bomb threat and I was scared. So then we stayed outside for a while and we got lunch and the police were looking everywhere and it wasn’t a good think. Then we stayed outside for another while then we got evacuated to the Elemenery School.That is what happen.

  • bonie

    There was no bom so leave it be at that be happy for us at lincoln im a student there so we don’t need your prayers

    • Sassy

      Bonie, Why be so rude about this? At least people cared enough to pray for Lincoln. Believe me everyone could use prayers. I will put YOU on my prayer list to be prayed for.

    • sparta

      Honey I’m a grown woman and I will never stop needing prayers for myself and my children. Lincoln School need prayers for the rest of their life because they need some help. Not to preach but I step prayer from anybody and you should never think that you never need prayers because God is the only one that will be left for you at all times

  • bobreal

    COPYCAT… Parents You needs to have a talk with Your Kids before they make a mistake.. If the Kid has their own Cell Phone if they do make a call; they loose that phone for life.. Parents should also have to serve some time for their childs misconduct.

  • Rebecca Kiddy

    how did the middle school have it on the walls and the high school as well the child must have went to the high school as well

  • De

    I am in no way saying this behavior is acceptable, but I think it is getting blown out of proportion. To those people who say this child should be punished to the steepest penalty possible, think back to when you were young. Did you ever do anything irresponsible or stupid, did you ever make a mistake that could have turned out horribly wrong? I think we all have at one time or another. I think he will probably get the message without hanging him.

  • Madison

    I think the larger more dangerous threat to society is the apalling grammar and spelling in most of these comments. Some of them might as well be written in gibberish by a drunk for as understandable as they are.

    • sparta

      you do realize that some of us speak into our phone to list a comment. Your computer system here’s what you say in French what they think they here. Sometimes they’re not proofread but you should be able to read into it what it really means. Thanks for wikiing everyone’s grammar

  • Kevin

    The problem is. We don’t discipline our kids these days. Back in my day you got your A$$ paddled for bing a little turd. Anymore we are worried about DHS and whoever…. But the fact is these kids need their a$$’ beat..

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