Neighbors Concerned about Safety Near Van Buren Gun Range

Residents in a Crawford County community said they are scared for their lives because they are in direct fire of a local gun range.

Brenda Yeakley lives near THOR Global Defense in Van Buren.

“It`s just real stressful to not know if you are going to be shot and killed,” said Yeakley.

Yeakley said her niece was recently struck by a bullet fired from the range.

“She was asleep in the evening, the bullet went through the wall into the bed, and hit her in the leg,” said Yeakley

Justin Guenther director of operations at THOR issued 5NEWS this statement:

“We here at THOR Global Defense pride ourselves on providing a safe and secure place for military, police, individuals, and families an area and place to shoot. We go above and beyond to provide the community and surrounding area a very safe, contained range. We believe that all individuals should have a safe place to learn with our concealment classes and various other classes that allow every person to express their second amendment right. We are open 7 days a week 8am – 5pm to provide answers to any questions and invite everyone to take a tour of our state of the art ranges and facilities.”

Yeakley said she and her community are ready to voice their problem at the next Crawford County quorum meeting.


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