Distillery Coming To Rogers

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The Rogers Planning Commission approved a permit to allow a distillery to operate in Benton County, making it the first to open in the county.

Higgins Distillery will be located at 707 S. 8th St. in Rogers.

The distillery is owned by Rogers locals Pam and Gene Hobbs. Gene said their only alcohol will be moonshine which they have named Three Towers.

He said they will offer a variety of flavors including cherry and strawberry. The moonshine will be pure grain alcohol ranging from 100-190 proof.

The owner said getting a permit from the planning commission was the first step in getting Higgins Distillery up and running. He said they still need to be approved at the county, state and federal level, as well as get a license from the Alcoholic Beverage Control to serve liquor.

Hobbs said the building is currently vacant and will need renovations. He said they have one 300 gallon still now but are looking to expand once the building is outfitted for them.

He said he feels confident that Higgins Distillery will be open for business in September of this year.

Benton County became a wet county in 2012.


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    What we need is Kathy Brown telling you what you need.

    Like she said, 100% Of alcohol consumption occurs behind the wheel.

    And she’s an expert…

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    @katy brown people can drink you can’t stop that nor anyone else and people can only hope no one drives drunk and not everyone that drinks drives I think kathy just hates booze maybe she had a drunk family member or boyfriend or is so far too the right she knows better than everyone else yeah cause taking away rights is real American she part of why the USA is so mess up and why it won’t get any better how sad.

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