Former Benton County Comptroller Appeals Termination

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Former comptroller Sarah Wilson wants her job back and has filed an appeal to go before a grievance committee.

Judge Bob Clinard said the county received a letter from Wilson's lawyer on Friday April 11 stating that the county was wrong to fire her.

Wilson was fired earlier this month for reasons that were given to her in a termination letter. Officials say the contents of that letter will be revealed at the grievance hearing.

Wilson recently married Scott Stober, a former Benton County Adminstrator facing a trial in a county corruption and theft case.

Clinard said that the next step will be for a grievance committee to hear her appeal and ask six questions about her rights and if they were violated.

He said the grievance committee does not have the final say on if Wilson gets her job back.

"They will recommend what they think should happen, if something should have happened differently, they will vote to say that they believe it should have been done differently, but the ultimate decision will be mine after consideration of whatever we hear in the grievance hearing," Clinard said.

Clinard said grievance committees are used in these situations so that everyone involved can have access to the same information and voice their opinions.

He said the grievance committee has set a tentative date of April 23 for Sarah Wilson's hearing. He said the date could change if anyone involved can't make it.