Hartford Student Arrested After Making Threat Against Coach

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A 16-year-old female Hartford High School student has been arrested after saying she wanted to “kill the school basketball coach with a knife,” according to a news release from Investigator Philip Pevehouse with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.

At approximately 1 p.m. on April 14, Sebastian County deputies responded to the Hartford High School in reference to threats.

Upon arrival, deputies talked to school officials and learned of what the student said. The statement was reportedly not made to the coach but was told to other people at the school, according to the news release.

“The witnesses to the statement were interviewed by investigators.  The 16 year old student was arrested and taken to the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center.  She was charged with Terroristic Threatening, 2nd Degree,” the news release states.

The coach wasn’t at the school when the threat was made.


  • Happy, happy, happy

    It has been against the law for many many years to verbally or physically threaten a teacher. Guess parents forgot to teach that one at home. Oh wait a minute….they have forgotten to teach a lot of laws.

  • bobreal

    Young Lady You might want to But You Should Never Say It Verbally or Post It Where it Can Be Seen.. If the Teacher or Anyone makes You mad, You should just smile at them and say; “Thank You”.. And Laugh..

  • Kim

    The hysteria has got to stop. All these people getting their jollies outb of the DRAMA they derive from something very distant from Columbine is rediculous. Felonies for children doing childish things is living too close to the Kardashians. Just think, these brain trusts are teaching our children?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe the media was “going off” about anything. They reported the “facts” that were provided to them. As for other people, they can voice their opinions if they choose to do so. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

      • Anonymous Teacher

        Obviously she did, or she wouldn’t have been arrested. What students don’t realize is that threatening a teacher is considered harassment and can get you expelled (in addition to arrested). That means, you can’t go to school (ANY school) for 365 days. When you do return, you will be at least 1 year behind all of your “besties,” and for what? Blowing off steam? Not really worth it in my opinion.

      • Facts!!!

        She didn’t threaten anyone!!!!! The teacher that she was talking to is the one that brought up killing, so what are they doing to him???? He should get in trouble for bring it up if she’s going to get in trouble!!!! The school is just trying to get attention because it’s about to go down!!!

  • JD

    When parents aren’t taking their responsibility to discipline their children, or seeking psychological help if they are having mental problems, plus schools are unable to discipline kids for anything, then yes, they feel like they can do or say anything and not have repercussions.

    • Facts!!!

      As far as the news goes they need to talk to the people involved, rather than the hear say of others, she never said that she wanted to kill anyone!!! The teacher that she was talking to is the one that brought up killing!!! This young lady is a good kid!!! So you don’t know the people keep your mouth shut!!!

      • Mark Smith

        Facts… The fact is you need help. RUN to your nearest Mental Health facility. They’re waiting for you.

      • Facts!!!

        You need to get over yourself, you know nothing of the situation so but out, I know the facts of this, you are the one that needs mental help!!!! The teacher needs some kind of punishment for even talking about killing someone!!!! I want to know what’s happening to him!!!!

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