Tax Filers Rush To Beat The Deadline

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People hurried inside the Post Office on Joyce Boulevard to stamp their envelope or drive through and drop off their tax return on Tuesday (April 15).

"We had everything done ahead of time," said Carolyn Parsons. "We had a little snag on this one. It's the only one that's late.

According to Fayetteville Postmaster Don Knotts, post offices will not be extending their hours on this tax day.

"That's a shame, but I understand the situation," said Michael Baber who was dropping off his tax returns as well as some of his co-workers. "That's why I came early today to deliver these and be postmarked today by close."

For people who don't get to the post office before closing time, some locations have an automated postal center that's open 24 hours a day. It's a self-service option.

Closing hours vary by location.

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  • Tom Sambo

    Better hurry and file so Uncle Barrack can take what’s yours and give to the deadbeats pissing on the country and the illegals flooding the country.

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