BLOG: 2014 Job Rankings

Courtesy: redstarresume

Courtesy: redstarresume

CareerCast is out with it’s newest ranking of jobs. The 26th annual Jobs Rated report evaluates income, outlook, environmental factors, stress, and physical demands of 200 jobs across a variety of skills, industries, and salaries. The report is gathered using data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Stastics, the Census Bureau, trade association studies, and more.

10 Top Rated Jobs/Average Pay

1. Mathematician/$101,360

2. Tenured University Professor/$68,970

3. Statistician/$75,560

4. Actuary/$93,680

5. Audiologist/$69,720

6. Dental Hygienist/$70,210

7. Software Engineer/$93,350

8. Computer Systems Analyst/$79,680

9. Occupational Therapist/$75,400

10. Speech Pathologist/$69,870


10 Lowest Rated Jobs/Average Pay

1. Lumberjack/$24,340

2. Newspaper Reporter/$37,090

3. Enlisted Military Personnel/$28,840

4. Taxi Driver/$22,820

5. Broadcast/$55,380

6. Head Cook/$42,480

7. Flight Attendant/$37,240

8. Garbage Collector/$22,970

9. Firefighter/$45,250

10. Corrections Officer/$38,970

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