Arrest Warrant: Teen Moved ATV Crash Victim, Destroyed Evidence

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Police are searching for a teen accused of destroying evidence in a Sequoyah County, Okla., all-terrain vehicle accident case that left another teen severely injured.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Kyle Brannon, who is facing charges of destroying evidence and obstruction in an ATV accident that put Christian Mayberry, 16, in a hospital bed.

Mayberry was riding southbound on County Road 4750, five miles south of Muldrow, when he ran off the road and into a ditch last September. He was ejected 12 feet from his Polaris Ranger ATV, according to a report from the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department.

A court document states Mayberry was left in the ditch in Muldrow for hours. Official documents state Brannon cleaned up the wreck by picking up an ice chest and beer. They also state he moved Mayberry.

Kim Mayberry, Christian's mother, said her son has undergone intensive care since the incident.

The official report also states Mayberry was found lying face up with blood coming out of his ears. Someone at the crash site couldn't get him to wake up, and someone poured beer into his face in an attempt to wake him up.

On Saturday (April 26) in Muldrow at 8 a.m., a 5K race will be held to raise money for Mayberry's recovery. The race will be held at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building.


  • N/A

    I agree. Way too vague. What else might he have helped “hide” that night other than the beer? Who supplied the beer? Why would a teenager, not driving the ATV, have an incentive to hide evidence? Begs the question… Who was really driving the ATV? Who told him to hide the beer? Why would the person giving that order want that beer hid? This story is very restrained and it creates more questions than it answers. However, something tells me that this kid could be the first domino. Justice for Mayberry!

  • N/A

    It disgusts me that this has taken this long while the people responsible have lived their merry happy lives just joyous and pleasurable while Christian fights to learn to walk and talk again. Makes me sick!!!!

    • Mark Twain

      That would have been an important fact to include in the story. We have seen examples of excellent drifting when the journalism scandal was written. Makes me think there is some uneducated (due to ares notorious nepotism) editor who edits or directs the writing. It’s so bad, it should be criminal. They are failing their obligation to the public.

  • Leten Uno

    ATV are inherently dangerous. Fatalities occur as with motorcycles and bicycles. 100,00 people a year visit the ER from ATV injuries. Deaths have fallen during the recession. Over 800 people killed in 2006, 2007.
    Remember drinking and standing on the street corner is not as dangerous. Drinking sitting in a chair watching TV isn’t. Combining ATV and Alcohol is never good. Yet don’t wholly blame the person who supplied it. The decision to ride and ATV and drink are two of the contributing factors.

  • Sherry Cheek

    You should wait until you know all the facts. You know what they say about assumptions. Or are you someone who was there or maybe friends of these people covering up.

  • Mary

    Why hasn’t Angela Gray been arrested?? She was the drunken adult supplying the liquor to all the minors! Yet she is willing to let these young men go to jail for her. FYI Tulsa’s news channel 6 tells more of the story!

    • Mike

      I know right! According to the witnesses in the reports, SHE was the one driving the atv when the accident happened! Also, why was the link to the report removed?

  • shirron allen

    You know my brother Kyle Brannon is not the one to blame for what happen to this boy.. i do feel bad for what happen to him.. but they were all kids.. i don’t know what happen that night.. but i do know my brother is a great kid and that he never ment for anyone to get hurt.. tand i know how teenagers are i used to be one hell we all did. s back off my brother. and worry more about the boy who was hurt and getting him better..

    • Mom

      To the sibling of Kyle if you defending your brother maybe you should find a way to get the REAL story! This family needs justice!

  • shirron allen

    And one more thing my mother kathy rena allen and i would like to know why the woman angie gray who owned and was also on the atv is not the one in trouble.. ?? This woman ANGIE GRAY is in her 30s also they have her on camera buying the beer and handing it to the kids.. so why is my 19 year old brother being blamed for this insted of Angie Gray who also works in a school cafeteria?? Come on people!!

  • Mark Smith

    Are you saying your brother is not at fault for anything?

    From what I’mbreading, or would appear the woman should be held accountable for buying the beer and the accident if she was indeed driving. The boys will be boys defense doesn’t wash -sorry. The appropriate people need to be held accountable.

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