Suspect In Missing Albuquerque Teen Faces Sexual Assault Charges in Crawford County

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The suspect in the missing New Mexico teen case, 26-year-old Robert Butler, was apprehended Thurday (April 17) in Fort Smith.

Crawford County officials said he had been transported from the Sebastian County Detention Center to the Crawford County Detention center Friday (April 18) morning.

Crawford County prosecutor Marc McCune said the transfer was due to pending 2nd degree sexual assault charges against the girl.

"For about a one week period out near the Kibler area in Crawford County, they were living in a car at the time, and there was digital and oral penetration involved," said McCune.

McCune said Butler was facing abduction charges in New Mexico and could be facing charges in different states.

He said, "There's a possibility looking at charges in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. The sheriff's office and I were going to get a look with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office and look at turning the case over to them."

The girl went missing March 31. Investigators said Butler picker her up one morning down the street from her Albuquerque Junior High.

She was reunited with her family Friday afternoon, and they drove back to New Mexico together.





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